Ian Balina Loses 2 Million USD

Ian Balina Loses 2 Million USD

Ian Balina, the famous cryptocurrency YouTuber has reportedly lost 2 million USD during a livestream. Famous for doing sponsored ICO reviews, the YouTuber was reviewing yet another ICO on his channel when a viewer notified him that “someone” had moved all of his tokens out of his wallet.

One of the users asked Balina about the sudden transfer:

“Ian, did you know that somebody transferred all your tokens from your account, hope that it’s controlled movement.”

Balina, however, continued with his review, not taking notice of the comment. Fifteen minutes later, the live feed was taken down by a power cut, and Balina simply continued his review a few hours later. That is when he finally noticed that he had been logged out of his Google Sheets profile.

He later informed fans on Telegram that he had to end the live stream abruptly because he got hacked as can be seen in the image below:


This was followed by a tweet about the incident:

Crypto Family, I need you now more than ever. I ended today’s live stream b/c I am being hacked. I’m not worried about the money. I learned my lesson. I only care about catching the hacker. Please email any information to ibalina88@gmail.com. Thank you all the support. $ETH $BTC

Balina is a name almost everyone knows in the ICO industry being an influencer to a lot of casual investors. He has more than 26,000 members on his Telegram channel and over 116,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The Etherscan wallet transactions show that most of Balina’s tokens were taken from his account while he was streaming live. This included over 20 million Nucleus Vision, 2 million Pareto Network, 1 million Loom, and many others.

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