Think You Missed Bitcoin's Rising Profits: Hexx Rose 3700% in The Last 5 Months!

Think You Missed Bitcoin’s Rising Profits: Hexx Rose 3700% in The Last 5 Months!

For all the people who think they missed Bitcoin’s rising profit trend, there is some good news. Hexx coin was trading at $.2 on the 1st of Jan, 2018 and was hovering around the $7.7 mark at the time this article was written. That is more than 37 times the return and given its previous months’ record, it will probably continue its upward trend.

On 1st Jan 2018 Hexx coin’s market cap was a mere $312,000 and now, after experiencing a massive growth in the last 5 months, it has crossed $12 million. For a cryptocurrency which has only 10 million coins in total, the growth is nothing short of amazing.

Hexx posted on Twitter:

#Hexx Team understands the importance of getting $HXX listed on larger exchanges for added liquidity. Rest assured the team is working on additional exchange listings. Stay tuned for updates!

What is Hexxcoin?

Hexxcoin is a cryptocurrency which implements the Zerocoin protocol for ensuring anonymity for the users of the cryptocurrency. It gives the users the option to convert non-anonymous coins into anonymous coins, which can then be sent to the other HEXX users.

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