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Here’s Our Top ICO Scoop For Spring ’18: Enkidu, VeriME & RightMesh

The first two months of 2018 haven’t been particularly great for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, but that’s nothing to worry about – this price drop is in historical sync with that of the past 4-5 years. With expert analysts from various parts of the world predicting bitcoin prices to be in the vicinity of $50K by the end of this year, it is safe to assume that the blockchain technology is going to exponentially proliferate from here on.

After reviewing opinions from a bunch of Wall Street analysts and performing an in-house research, the following three ICO’s emerge as most trending for spring ’18.

1. Enkidu

In this globalized civilization, no one wants their operations hindered by geographical restraints. With start-ups launching every single day, freelancing and cross-collaborations are gaining a huge momentum. This is precisely where Enkidu steps in.

Enkidu is the world’s first decentralized global collaboration platform. The product is based on blockchain technology to make payment splitting among team members seamless. Enkidu allows businesspeople across the globe to collaborate by signing a digital contract which includes a proprietary resolution voting system and vesting options. This is something that no other platform currently offers.

The ICO is gearing up for its pre-sale at midnight, 12th of March (GMT) with a soft cap of $5M.


2. VeriME

User authentication and KYC procedures are awfully laborious processes, and prove to be pain points across most industries, including token distribution for new Initial Coin Offerings. VeriME aims to tackle this very issue – by slashing KYC approval times to mere seconds, this particular product finds relevance everywhere.

The underlying principle behind VeriMe is the concept of “D-KYC” – a digital identity verification platform that doesn’t require physical meetings or filling out tedious forms. The service is a win-win for either party – the customer, who is able to gain access to a particular product within seconds, and the service provider, whose customer drop-off rates are minimized.

VeriME’s crowd sale is currently live, and have already raised $10.6 million, and will remain so until the 31st of March.

3. RightMesh

RightMesh is the world’s first software-based, mobile mesh networking platform and protocol using blockchain technology and MESH tokens to power growth. The aim is to place the power of connectivity in the hands of the common man.

The product works on already-existing android phones and technology (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) and claims to provide infallible infrastructure – even in the event of a major calamity. The team, which works from Canada and Bangladesh, has a noble goal of raising 100 million out of poverty. They plan to do this by providing the motivation of resource-sharing. With Ethereum accounts, people will be allowed to connect to each other through nodes, and then share resources with each other (perhaps informative data, storage or the internet) in return for tokens.

RightMesh is currently in its crowdsale until the 27th of March, when the final crowd contribution round begins.

Blockchain is often considered as the Internet 2.0 by experts in the industry, and the disruptive technology is only going to encourage the launching of more and more ICO’s. It’s only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies are adopted by the mainstream public.




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