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GODcoin ICO Review


GODcoin has a 7-membered team without an advisory board. However, when it comes to their experience in the blockchain industry, they have none. Here are the members of the team:

  • Richard Ruff: Richard’s extraordinary leadership has an extensive record. He has served in the Ecumenical Order of Christ for 7 years and as the Prime Cleric for the past 6 years. Prior to that, he served in the Australian Army for over 13 years, and during his service, he was deployed to Cambodia on the UNTAC peacekeeping mission in the early 1990s and was later a Commander in East Timor during the Peace Keeping mission UNMISET. Richard is skilled in encoding and decoding and has perfected methods of decoding the Torah using the Equidistant Letter Skip method. He is also an experienced Operator with a demonstrated history of working in the building, mining & metals industry. Skilled in Business Operations Management, Safety Management, and Manufacturing for Mining, Richard now provides his expert leadership to connect together all the working pieces needed for a successful launch of GODcoin.
  • Kelly Patrick: Kelly’s strong organizational and managerial background gives her the experience needed to oversee the day-to-day operations of GODcoin’s staff. She is driven by the prospect of creating a united and sustainable world that is empowered by righteousness. Kelly holds the honored position of Vicar General, and in the last 5 years, she has directed the international interfaith outreach and charitable works conducted by the EOC, as well as holding the directorial position for The Armageddon broadcast Network YouTube Channel. Years of previous work experience in mortgage loan account management, finance, business, and account management has helped her become the formidable leader she is today.
  • Emil Johansson: A native of Sweden, Emil is the Secretariat Economy for the EOC, and he brings his strong business and IT background to the table. He is educated in Business Administration and is skilled in programming, e-commerce, and website design. In addition to his duties with the EOC, he is currently a web and e-commerce developer with Gibon where he works as a project manager. Prior to that, he worked as a warehouse logistics manager with SIBA AB. He has a strong vocation in various e-commerce platforms, organic web marketing, coding and organizational software.
  • Joseph Monte: Joseph is the Chief Diplomatic Liaison for the EOC, with an emphasis on creating bilateral and multilateral agreements between governments and the church. He is experienced in diplomacy, foreign policy, and public speaking, and takes those skills into his effort to promote GODcoin among private and public institutions. Joseph is also a trained professional golfer. He was the recipient of an NCAA Div. I scholarship to play for Georgia Southern University, and later turned professional. His marketing experience laid the framework for acquiring endorsements during his circuit on the professional tours. Joseph also has experience as an independent contractor, having worked as a licensed insurance broker and a sales and marketing agent.
  • Samuel Grenier: Samuel is the brainpower behind GODcoin’s technology. He’s a young and incredibly gifted programmer with proficient experience in open source platforms. He wrote the code for GODcoin’s blockchain from scratch and wrote GODcoin’s white paper. In addition to his work on GODcoin, Samuel is the creator of Steemdunk, an auto-vote curation platform on Steemit. He is the co-creator of universal IoT communications protocol (IOT-DSA) and developed extensible applications for the protocol in Java and C. He is also a contributor to the Utopian.io open source economy, and is skilled in Javascript, Typescript, C, and Java.
  • Samantha Kennedy: Samantha is the current Presbyterian lead for the EOC, and oversees the church’s public interface in the realm of preaching, seminars, videos, and worship. She is an expert teacher who ensures consistency and quality in the work of our personnel and sets an exceptional standard for delivering noteworthy content. Samantha now lends her expertise in these areas to integrate GODcoin in with the EOC’s mission efforts, so that the religious community at-large understands the benefits of cryptocurrency and the significance of GODcoin as this world’s next major global currency.
  • Corey DeFrancesco: Corey has been fundamental in lending his technical support to the EOC for the past 4 years, and now he brings his talents to GODcoin. All of GODcoin’s visual content is edited and produced by Corey, and he leads the effort to ensure that our equipment and machinery is both operational and effective. He is also the lead producer for The Armageddon Broadcast Network and has years of experience with audio/video editing and production, graphic design, and visual effects. He is highly skilled in using Adobe’s Premiere Pro and After Effects programs, as well as Photoshop, and knows how to turn out some incredible cinema quality productions on very small budgets.
  • Jean Viete: Jean Viete is a trained IT systems salesman and completed his apprenticeship in a small 10-man company, which quickly became the 5th largest provider of virtual infrastructures in Germany. For this reason, the company Vanager GmbH was taken over by the HOST EUROPE GmbH based in Cologne. From then on, Jean Viete worked for HOST EUROPE, which became the largest virtualization specialist in Europe as a result of the acquisition. Later, Jean moved back to his home country with his family and he joined the company Tobit, a software manufacturer for e-mail communication systems. Here he trained in the technical areas and worked as a 1st and 2nd level supporter. Thus, his field of activity shifted from the commercial fields to the administrative ones in order to develop a full understanding of all activities. Jean’s experience in sales and marketing, management, and his knowledge of IT systems, makes him a solid addition to the GODCoin Board of Directors as CMO. In addition to his work with GODcoin, he is the esteemed Archbishop over Germany within the Ecumenical Order of Christ.
Rating: 6/10

About the ICO

Name: GODcoin

Token Symbol: GOD

Website: https://godcoin.gold/
White Paper link: https://godcoin.gold/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/GODcoin-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: @GODcoinofficial

Token Supply: TBA
Initial Offering Price: 1 GOD= Market Price of 1 Ounce of Gold
Currencies Accepted: BTC, PayPal

Hard cap: TBA
Soft cap: TBA

GODcoin will be the perfect currency because it is the currency of Christ. It will be the currency of His new Government, which will be established very soon, and it will eliminate all other currencies, leaving it to be the only formally accepted form of money. GODcoin is backed by gold and silver and is hence safe.


GODcoin’s product is the GODcoin blockchain which is highly secure and stable. It is backed by gold and silver which ensures that it remains stable. While the best aspect of going for GODcoin is the fact that it is stable, the lower fees, faster transaction times, and energy efficiency are quite lucrative as well.

Assets cannot be fabricated out of thin air, which is something the team behind GODcoin realized all too well. Hence they backed the tokens by physical assets. This helps them maintain stability in the values of the tokens while staying updated with the technology.

The product uses Proof-of-Stake system as opposed to the Proof-of-Work system used by Bitcoin. Given the amount of energy PoW uses, it is really worth appreciating that the team decided to use a more eco-friendly approach.

Rating: 8/10

Potential for Idea

It is undeniable that the idea has a lot of potential. There are many people who refrain from investing in cryptocurrencies given the highly volatile nature of the market. Being backed by gold and silver, people can rest assured that it would be stable. This might prompt people to go ahead and invest in it.

Rating: 9/10


GODcoin is quite active on the social media channels it is present on. It has 230 followers on Facebook and 165 followers on Twitter. While the numbers it has aren’t impressive, the fact that they are active on the social media channels is quite reassuring. To judge how invested teams are in their ideas, we can simply turn to how active they are on their social media channels. It seems that the team is quite invested in the idea since post every few hours and interact with everyone. However, there is quite a lot of room for improvement which the team intends to work upon.

Rating: 8/10

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits of going for GODcoin include:

  • The idea is pretty good.
  • It is stable.
  • The team is quite active.

The disadvantage of going for GODcoin is that its presence on social media lacks numbers, which might turn down many investors.

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GODcoin ICO rating

*This is only a review and not financial gospel. Please invest at your own discretion*

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