Gary Bracey Discusses Games, VR, and Blockchain
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Gary Bracey Discusses Games, VR, and Blockchain

The gaming industry is currently worth more than the films and music industry combined. Back in 2017, games were worth 109 billion USD. The eSports industry alone amounted to 1.5 billion USD.

However, VR could account for a very small fraction even though it has a huge potential.

Gary Bracey, the CEO of Terra Virtua, not only noticed this, but also worked on it by coming up with Terra Virtua along with a team of top-level former executives from some of the biggest names in the gaming industry such as Sony, Microsoft, and EA.

He has been in the industry for more than 35 years. Ocean Software was the company he started his career with. Gary then went ahead and founded Telstar Electronic Studios which was later sold to Take 2 Interactive. He then co-founded Digimask—one of the best personalized digital avatar solutions of its time. Recently, he was also involved with Kuju Ltd.

CoinFrenzy got the opportunity to talk to him about the gaming industry and how VR and blockchain would help bring the best out of it. Here are a few glimpses from the interview:

CoinFrenzy: How does it feel like being in the gaming industry for more than 35 years?

Gary: I’m just glad I’m still alive. It’s amazing seeing all the changes […] Back in the early 80’s, everyone thought it was a fad; it would last a few years and then people would get bored of games, move on to something else. But it just grew and grew. It’s fascinating watching the evolution of the industry.

CoinFrenzy: Tell us more about Terra Virtua.

Gary: Terra Virtua is basically a 3D environment (a 3D world) which would serve all manner of entertainment in VR. As well as hosting VR games, we are also serving general VR entertainment. A lot of companies are now filming things like sports and concerts in 3D VR but there isn’t a platform to view them on yet. So we’re going to use the Terra Virtua Platform to be able to deliver that type of content as well […] We’ve got games, we’ve got events and the third pillar is what we’re calling Terra Forma. And we’re working with Epic Games, who created the Unreal Engine, to develop a very very cut-down and simplified version of the Unreal Engine to allow everybody to create their own VR games and experiences within Terra Virtua. And if they’re any good, they’ll be able to earn money.

Listen to the whole interview here:

Terra Virtua sounds like the perfect blend of Steam, Twitch, and everything else there is to the VR industry. Let us know what you think about Terra Virtua in the comments below!

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