ExsulCoin Utilises Blockchain Technology to Empower Refugees

ExsulCoin Utilises Blockchain Technology to Empower Refugees

ExsulCoin, a tech startup, develops a new blockchain-based platform to educate and empower millions of refugees across the world.

Refugees can use the platform to build their digital identities and record information related to their educational background and work experience, easing out the whole screening process for potential employers.

James Song, CEO and Founder, said that education is the biggest problem faced by refugees.

He added that apps developed by ExsulCoin are aimed at providing vocational training to refugees, enabling them to make a living. Moreover, these educational apps would also keep them updated with new laws in the country, to help them integrate better into their new surroundings.

An app developed by the startup last year was tested in the Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh, with a group of 10 women. Kutupalong refugee camp is home to more than 800,000 Rohingya Muslims who were made to flee their home country.

The women learned how to make beautiful bracelets with Myanmar Jade and market them on social media platforms to make a living, all through the business training module on the educational app.

The startup also plans to help these women sell their product commercially, by assisting them with shipments. The plan is likely to take off after scaling up the production, James said.

Some other education apps on the platform include Food Safety, Basics of English Language, and Budgeting Tips.

However, ExsulCoin is not the first company to provide services to refugees using blockchain technology. Last year in May, World Food Programme launched an app which allowed refugees in Jordan’s Azraq Camp to pay for food through eye scans. The money used to get deducted from the amount received as aid money by the refugees.

UN is likely to work on the expansion of this scheme, prompted by its success in Jordan’s refugee camp.

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