Energy Web Foundation Names Herve Touati as first CEO

Energy Web Foundation Names Herve Touati as first CEO

Blockchain’s Energy Web Foundation has named Herve Touati as its first CEO. Following this announcement, Touati will step down from his position as chair of EWF’s Foundation Council. Grid Singularity co-founder and CEO Ewald Hesse has been named the new chair of the Foundation Council. He previously served as the council’s vice-chair.

Energy Web Foundation is a non profit whose main aim is to expose blockchain’s potential to accelerate the transition to a decentralized, democratized and decarbonized energy system. The nonprofit is designing the shared digital infrastructure that will be open source and a scalable blockchain platform specifically designed for the energy industry regulatory, operational and market needs. EWF Foundation Council chair Ewald Hesse said,

EWF has assembled a global team of some of the best experts in energy and blockchain. With Hervé, we now have a CEO to match. We are excited about the vision and leadership he brings, not just to EWF but also to our fast-growing network of affiliates.

EWF is the largest energy blockchain consortium in the world and is the industry’s leading choice as the foundational blockchain base layer. Touati is an energy industry veteran and has more than two decades of executive-level experience in the industry. Before EWF, he has also worked at Shell, Mckinsey & Company and thinktank Rocky Mountain Institute. Touati said,

The opportunity—and the mandate—for energy blockchain now is to bridge from promise to reality,” EWF, our affiliates, and our strategic partners are doing just that. The business use cases are there and more and more utilities and others are devoting resources to exploring blockchain’s potential in the energy sector. Likewise, the core blockchain technology—tailored specifically for the energy sector’s needs—is rapidly advancing thanks to EWF’s work with Parity Technologies,, and others. Next, and the real crux, will be merging the business cases and the technology at commercial scale to truly bring energy blockchain to life.

Apart from announcing Touati as its CEO, EWF is also expanding its C suite and has announced an extended Foundation Council.

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