Etherscan Rolls Out New Features

Etherscan Rolls Out New Features

Etherscan has rolled out a few updates which are quite appealing. The most recent one of those updates also shows how quickly the Ethereum-related decentralized exchange ecosystem is growing.

Much like the other service providers in the world, service providers in the crypto sphere have to roll out new features regularly. And that is just why Etherscan has rolled out updates one can’t miss out on.

Most cryptocurrency users tend to rely on Etherscan to track ERC20 network blocks and token balances. But that isn’t all that the platform has to offer. A lot of new features and tools have been introduced in the past few weeks making the whole experience of using the ecosystem a lot more engaging.

Of all the latest features added, the most appealing one is perhaps the decentralized exchange order tracker. Decentralized exchanges neither require users to trust funds to third parties nor do they require an official order book—due to the peer-to-peer manner in which traders are matched.

Etherscan now tracks a few of the many digital exchanges in the world of cryptocurrencies these days. What’s more is that this DEX list would continue growing as time progresses.

Users can now see the trades taking place on different digital exchanges. This is quite a big step in making the exchange model more appealing. The volume across the platforms included is pretty low as for now. However, tracking information is very important, even at this stage.

Another great feature that Etherscan has rolled out is the feature of comparing digital exchange (DEX) order books. The order books would be based on the trading activity tracked recently across all of the platforms, thus making it easier for users to decide where they should trade. Information updates regularly and focuses on buying and selling both alike.

All of these features point out towards the fact that the Ethereum ecosystem is evolving steadily.

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