EtherPoker, Happy East Capital, and TRXMarket to Run for TRON Super Representatives
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EtherPoker, Happy East Capital, and TRXMarket to Run for TRON (TRX) Super Representatives

A lot of companies have been running for the position of Super Representatives in the TRON Super Representative Elections recently—the latest additions being EtherPoker, Happy East Capital, and TRXMarket.

Justin Sun just tweeted about the participation of the online poker decentralized platform in the TRON Super Representative Elections. It is a data prediction blockchain game channel which would help TRON make a predictive game channel for providing services to the TRON community users.

TRON Foundation announced that one of the earliest investors in TRON, Happy East Capital “will make a joint-effort with value blockchain application partners to fully support TRON SR activities.” The company, which was started by the co-founder of Bitcoin China, Yang Linke, has been dedicatedly investing in and cultivating blockchain startups across the globe.

Justin Sun also tweeted about it.

He also announced that TRXMarket would be running for the TRON Super Representative Elections as well.

TRXMarket, as some of you might already know, is a decentralized exchange which is based on the TRON network. The decentralized exchange aims to provide its services to the TRON community.

Not too long ago, BitTorrent got elected as a TRON Super Representative. The news made people question whether it was right to simply elect the torrent client and sync and share software company or not. For many, it seemed like the TRON Foundation is simply favoring contenders belonging to the foundation.

With more than 100 million active users worldwide, BitTorrent is one of the top-rated apps on the Android app store, Google Play. Other products from the company include BitTorrent Play (iOS), uTorrent Web, and desktop clients for Mac and PC.

Being a TRON Super Representative, the P2P file-sharing platform would inevitably see a huge increase in the income and would thus benefit the TRON Foundation which now owns it.

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As the TRON Super Representative Elections are going on in full swing, the very first projects of TRON are starting to surface on the TRON Network.

TRON Gold, one of the projects was called out as a scam by a crypto enthusiast going by the name Johnny DG. He pointed out a lot of problems with the project such as lack of communication with the public, associative marketing, lack of gold backing (which is something the developers say the cryptocurrency has), lack of whitepaper and technology details, lack of use cases, lack of information about team members etc. He said:

“Tron main net was launched for over a month, making it very easy for anyone to start an ICO through . As a result, the number of tokens on the Tron network have increased at an alarming rate. It feels like the gold rush all over again. And one of the tokens is actually called TronGold. A quick google search will show you an impressive number of tokens which have “Gold” in their name, including a TronGold on the ETH network. One of the main reasons people think it’s a good idea to add words such as “Gold”, “Diamond”, “Platinum” etc. in their digital asset names is because of associative advertising. Associative Advertising is a way in which marketers get their intended audience to buy their products by appealing to non-market desires.”

And then there’s Shitcoin Classic, the project which has most of its tokens created on top of the TRON Network perfectly. Ironically, it is more legitimate than most of the other cryptocurrencies in the market. It markets itself as a meme currency of the likes of Dogecoin, Nyancoin, CoinyeWest, Memetic, Craftcoin, NorrisCoin etc. As the developers of the project put it:

“Inspiration for ShitCoinClassic came during the initial few months of the Tron blockchain. Initially on the Tron blockchain, tokens were roughly USD$30 to create and there was no regulation. Due to the ease of creation and the low cost barrier, most of the tokens created… were crap. A lot had no use case and would never have a use case. These tokens were referred to as “shitcoins” on all Tron social media channels. ShitCoinClassic was born from the idea that a shitcoin, doesn’t have to be a shitcoin. A shitcoin can have a use and can be valuable.”

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