Ethereum Based Project, Priceless Aims To Add Value To Value of Humanity
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Ethereum Based Project, Priceless Aims To Add Value To Value of Humanity

Ai Weiwei, a Chinese activist and artist has partnered with an artist, Kevin Abosch to create a project called Priceless to maintain their relationship with cryptocurrency.

Weiwei is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist who spends time and effort to bring the world’s attention to stories and topics of human rights violations. He is the son of the Chinese poet Ai Qing and is interested in the technology of blockchain and is therefore partnering up with Kevin Abosch on the same.

Abosch on the other hand, is an Irish conceptual artist and photographer who currently lives in New York City. He is known for his photography, illustrations, sculpture and film. His interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency through Priceless is not new. Rather, in January, he created 10,000,000 virtual pieces of art that contained crypto tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

He also had his blood drawn which he used to make 100 physical artworks imprinted with a 42 alphanumeric blockchain address that that corresponded to the creation of his virtual works. Abosch named the crypto tokens IAMA tokens which refers to the entire brand of ‘I AM A COIN’.

Furthermore, in February, his virtual artwork ‘Forever Rose’ that contains one ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain was sold to 10 art collectors for USD$1 million. All this and more are making him the king of crypto in the art world.

Together, Abosch and Weiwei have created two tokens to show the world how the society perceives value. One of these tokens is highly unattainable while the other is open and available to all, meaning anyone can own a fraction of it.

Weiwei expressed his views on blockchain,

For me, [blockchain] is not about the technology, but an opportunity to set up a new system that could dismantle the old system, or at least offer a new possibility for communication.

It was further explained by Weiwei,

It’s not about a potential for creating art, but,rather, to question the existing system and the potential to create a new system outside of the establishment.

Abosch further commented,

From the moment we’re born, people try to ascribe value to us — ‘Oh, that boy is so full of potential, or oh, that girl is worthless’ — it’s something society does to us and it’s something we do to ourselves … Our project is just another thing to engage people in the hope that they will spend a little bit more time reflecting on the perversity of how most of us ascribe value to things.

Wallet addresses that contain the nominal amount of the PRCLS tokens have been printed on paper and are sold to buyers. Each token is meant to represent ‘priceless moments’ between the artists which is to further demonstrate how  a token can represent value such as human life and human interaction. An example of such a ‘priceless moment’ is ‘Walking In A Carefree Manner Down Schönhauser Allee.’

Ai further commented on blockchain by stating that it is an opportunity for change by bringing down the old system to, at least offer a new possibility for communication.

This project clearly brings together Weiwei’s love for human rights and Abosch’s interest and expertise in the cryptocurrency industry.

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