EOS Plans Releasing Chat App During Mainnet Launch

EOS Plans Releasing Chat App During Mainnet Launch

EOS announced that it would be releasing the “Next-Generation Chat App” next month when it would launch its mainnet.

The decentralized socialized network based on the EOS platform would be offering unlimited chat facility to users all over the world. It features an EOS wallet along with a blockchain communication community.

EOSChat App comes as the result of a successful combination of the EOS elite community, digital currency storage, encrypted instant messaging, and ultra-fast mainnet transaction.

Features offered by EOSChat include:

Decentralized Chat

Unlike the decentralized chat tool by Ethereum, you wouldn’t need to pay for any data transfer that takes place on EOSChat. The app is completely free and is packed with a much higher transmission speed than the Ethereum blockchain network.

The smarter instant message processing model being used by EOSChat increases the speed of smart contracts without even relying on the synchronization protocol by the central server. It also enables transfer requests.

Decentralized Application Market

The app converts the mobile device of the user into a light node present on the EOS network. Through this, it allows users to access the entire EOS ecosystem from wherever they might be.

Light Wallet

EOSChat’s wallet would be offering the security protection measure—double private key—with the help of the EOS Dawn 3.0 technology. The light wallet comes with support for the new generation industry standards like multi-level authority management modes, and custom public key address.

As you might already know, the EOS mainnet would be supporting almost 10,000 TPS. With such a high number of transactions per second, EOSChat would certainly perform well.

The crypto community is looking forward to the EOS mainnet and EOSChat launch. It is one of the most important upcoming events in the domain. The high-speed payment and the decentralized social network would certainly be much talked-about in the mainstream media.

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