Enkidu Listed on IDEX

Enkidu Listed on IDEX

Enkidu has recently been listed on the hybrid, semi-decentralized exchange, IDEX. As of now, the ENK/ETH pair is trading at 0.00004460.

This is a big news for the Enkidu community since IDEX has a trading volume of 1,361,691 USD. The exchange would thus be a great platform for the cryptocurrency to grow.

The project has been turning heads around the globe due to its revolutionary idea of building company structures using smart contracts. Built primarily for small teams, the platform doesn’t even require you to register your company.

It might be a little difficult to grasp the concept. Fret not, their whitepaper explains in detail how the system works. With very few corporate jargons and a lot of interesting use cases, the whitepaper is quite an interesting read.

Enkidu has been rated 5/5 by TrackICO, and 4.3/5 by ICObench and has been in the news a lot since inception. Back in March, the team announced an official partnership with Truelancer, the biggest freelancer platform in Asia. The partnership provided users with a greater reach. In May, the team announced that it would be partnering with Velix.ID as official KYC partners for the platform. Later in June, it partnered with Civic Technologies.

The project also gained the attention of the Chicago-based VC fund, Purvi Capital, which purchased over 60 million tokens in the private sale of the cryptocurrency.

With 14 smart contracts handling almost every situation that can arise in small businesses—from adding members to changing profit sharing structure and more—this is the project that can help you finally say goodbye to corporate lawyers and auditors. The platform has pre-built smart contracts for just about everything and since smart contracts are honored programmatically, the need for a legal system is safely eradicated.

The recent addition of Enkidu on IDEX has the hopes of the team behind the platform, as well as the community supporting it, high.

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