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Enkidu ICO Review


Enkidu has a strong 9 membered team. As rare as it gets, they have a team which has every single aspect of the project taken care of—from operations and development to finance and marketing. The team has an extensive experience in the blockchain industry and has a strong team of 16 advisors backing them up. Here are all of the team members and advisors:

  • Varun Mayya: Varun has 7 years of professional experience in which he has led multiple startups to success. His brainchild, Jobspire raised the first round of VC capital at the age of 20. The website saw 4 million requests in 2016 alone. Varun is currently the CEO of Avalon Labs, a profitable 30-man team that builds and invests in software startups. He is an angel investor, early Ethereum investor, Rails/React developer and has hired over 200 people throughout his career.
  • Shashank Udupa: Shashank is an ex-IIFL investment banker with 6 years of professional experience. He has a Masters degree in International Management from Strathclyde, Glasgow. During his tenure at IIFL, he has closed several multi-million dollar deals—including 2 Series-E companies. He is the co-founder and COO of Avalon Labs and an early investor of Ripple and Ethereum.
  • Abhinav Arora: Abhinav has over 4 years of professional experience as a marketing and content expert. He has managed over 1.5 million USD in ad spend and is currently managing a team of 20 Hubspot certified content and marketing experts. The videos he has worked upon have over 1Mn views across channels. The platforms he has helped market have seen a total inbound traffic of 49M visits in 2017. He has worked with Factom, GlobalBlockchain, UrbanClap and 25+ other startups as an independent contractor. Abhinav is the VP of Marketing at Avalon Labs and has previously worked with YourStory.
  • Tejas Tholpadi: Tejas has a professional experience of over 2 years in the blockchain industry. He is a software architect, tech explorer, and a crypto enthusiast. Tejas currently leads a team of 12 full-stack developers at Avalon Labs who build sustainable and profitable businesses from scratch. He is also the Lead Developer at Foxbound, a sales platform made for modern sales organizations, CTO at CalmIndia, India’s First Science-Backed Mental Health Platform who aim to provide very affordable computerized cognitive therapy to everyone in the country, and the Lead Developer at AlphaDeal, Trello for Sales, and LinkHero.
  • Simon Bierling: Simon is a former Neuroscientist and ex-Twitter employee stimulating his synapses by following his insatiable curiosity into the world of Blockchain. He is passionate about promoting growth and adaption in others. Simon has over 7 years of professional experience.
  • Divyashish Jindal: Divyashish has over 11 years of professional experience. He is currently running Jacobi Partners, a Delhi based firm that has advised 11 successful ICOs so far. Jacobi runs security auditing for smart contracts and token sale systems.
  • Anindya Chanda: Anindya has over two years of experience in the blockchain industry. He is the VP of Sales at Avalon Labs where he has scaled 5+ SaaS products including production ML models. Anindya has worked as a product developer for B2B and SaaS applications across 4 geographic markets and internationally and has delivered more than 100 hrs of demos leading to a close for enterprise Saas businesses.
  • Sarvpriye Soni: Sarvpriye has a professional experience of more than 8 years. He was the VP of software engineering at uTrade Solutions, a FinTech trading technology company and is now the co-founder of Hashcove Limited.
  • Anant Dimri: Anant has over two years of professional of which he has spent 1 year working on the Blockchain Technology. He is a skilled cybersecurity and penetration testing engineer and has written over 500,000 lines of code for scalable enterprise SaaS tools.
  • Jay Smith: Advisor. Jay Smith is CMO at Factom, one of the Blockchain ecosystem’s oldest and most respected companies. He has held Senior Directorship and Key Program Management roles at companies like Virtusa and Wipro.
  • David Drake: Advisor. David is Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, which deals various funds worldwide with $1.5 Trillion in assets. LDJ Capital maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners. He is also on the Board of WePower as an investments advisor. David is seen as a world leader in cryptocurrency. His crypto hedge funds hold crypto, ICOs and FinTech equity as seed investments helping new coins being made via ICOs. He is ranked 1st on the list of top ICO advisors on ICObench.
  • Giovanni Lesna: Advisor. Giovanni is the Chief Commercial Officer for Hedge Token (iShares of Crypto). Hedge Token is bringing innovative crypto-financial products and platforms, CTIs (Crypto Traded Indices™) to Retail and Institutional Investors. He is the Lead External Advisor to Adbank (ADB).
  • Ian Scarffe: Advisor. Ian is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant with business experience from around the world. He has founded ‘Binkplus’, a startup incubator in Europe, to help existing startup’s reach their full potential and for new businesses to expand. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries, Ian is at the very heart of revolutionizing the financing industry across the globe and currently consults and advises for a range of multi-million dollar companies. He is ranked 4th on the list of top ICO advisors on ICObench.
  • Greg Sherwin: Advisor. Greg is the VP of Engineering and Information Technology at Singularity University. He has over 25 years of experience, with over 20 years in Internet Media and product development. Greg has served as the VP/SVP of engineering at many Silicon Valley start-ups and established businesses including CNET Networks ( now CBS Interactive), NBC internet, TeeBeeDee, and Yola.com.
  • Ishay Tentser: Advisor. Ishay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Initech, an Israeli-based company software development company with a focus on Crypto, Blockchain, and decentralized systems. He is also a founding member of several startups, a networking guru, and unyielding performer. Ishay has a decade of leadership experience, which has played an active role in the success of countless clients and actively participates as an advisor in several mentorship programs hosted by leading Israeli and EU incubators. He is seen as an innovative thinker and speaker in Fintech, AI, Crypto, Blockchain.
  • Alex Gonzales: Advisor. Alex works for MongoDB and originally started off as Avalon Labs’ client. He then transitioned into pulling off a joint venture with the team. Alex has sold over $10Mn of B2B Saas and marketplace products.
  • Kunal Nandawani: Advisor. Kunal is the CEO of Blockchain based company in the UK, Hashcove Limited. He is also the CEO of uTrade Solutions, a FinTech trading technology company.
  • Sumeet Maniar: Advisor. Sumeet is a seasoned entrepreneur and was until recently with Gnosis (Gnosis is currently valued at $300 million). He has successfully led deals with 100+ companies, including Fortune 500s like Apple, Facebook, and Pepsi. Sumeet has previously founded two successful online gaming and mobile companies and grew them to $50 million+ revenue.
  • Rakesh Chhabra: Advisor. Rakesh runs AARC & Co, a consulting firm that also advises Sequoia Capital. His deep knowledge of business structuring, blockchain regulation and liquidation comes in handy at Enkidu.
  • Anshumani Ruddra: Advisor. Anshumani is ex-VP Product, Practo ($650Mn), ex-VP Product Hike Messenger ($1.4Bn). He brings deep knowledge of marketplace building expertise to Enkidu.
  • Sunil Udupa: Advisor. Sunil is CEO of Securens, a $250Mn company that works in IoT security for the banking industry. He brings business strategy and a massive banking network into play for Enkidu.
Rating: 9.5/10

About the ICO

Name: Enkidu

Token Symbol: ENK

Website: https://enkidu.io/
White Paper link: https://enkidu.io/enkidu_whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/enkiduofficial

Token Supply: 1,500,000,000 ENK
Initial Offering Price: 1 ENK = 0.056 USD
Currencies Accepted: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC

Hard cap: 25 million USD
Soft cap: 5 million USD
Token Type: ERC20

Enkidu is a Blockchain based solution that allows teams to create businesses instantly and run them at near zero costs, via a set of automatic smart contracts. From dispute resolution to vesting periods, we’ve got it all.


Enkidu’s product is the Enkidu ecosystem which gives you a number of features namely, Collab Marketplace, Resolution System, Payment Splitter, Instant Settlement, Vote Kicking, Domain Escrow, Vesting Period, and IP Protection.

Collab Marketplace is a platform where people can post their own projects, look at the projects of other people, and hire freelancers. While posting your project on the Collab Marketplace, the project leader assigns the cap table initially. You can also view the ratings of the project and the associated people to decide whether you wish to participate in the project or not.

The Resolution System ensures that any decisions made about the project are agreed upon by all the people associated with the project.

Payment Splitter takes care of how the payments reach the cap (stake) holders.

Instant Settlement is the system put in place to make payment splitter work.

Vote Kicking is the method which is responsible to ensure that every decision made about removing a member from the project goes through the Resolution System.

Domain Escrow ensures that the domain is not held by a single person, ie, it is decentralized. This is done to eradicate any sort of scam that people can pull off by owning the domain which is being worked up by the team.

Vesting Period uses a time-locked smart contract system which opens up as time passes until you complete the committed period. When someone walks away from the project before the committed period, they get the stakes according to the time they have spent in the project.

IP Protection is the system put in place to ensure that the Intellectual rights of the project stay with concerned collaborators and that it isn’t misused.

Rating: 9.5/10

Potential for Idea

There is a lot of potential for the idea. Imagine Upwork on the Blockchain, that’s what Enkidu is—with the extra features of actually making a business out of it. They have just one competitor, and their idea is a lot better than their competitors. Moreover, with the great team and advisors they have, it could actually be the next best thing.

Rating: 9.5/10


As for now, they have been slow but steady with the marketing. By the numbers, they have 1585 followers on Twitter, 1641 followers on Facebook and 3375 members on their Telegram group. The token sale hasn’t started yet. It is expected that they would be pushing forth well on their marketing front when the token sale finally arrives.

Rating: 8/10

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits of going for Enkidu include:

  • It makes building digital businesses easy
  • It takes care of payments so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Being on the blockchain, it is transparent
  • It reduces scams

A major disadvantage of going for Enkidu is that they have a product which people would need time to wrap their heads around since it is a fairly new concept. Moreover, Enkidu projects don’t have liability shields.

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Enkidu Rating

*This is only a review and not financial gospel. Please invest at your own discretion*

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