Enigma Partners with Tech Giant Intel on Privacy Research

Enigma Partners with Tech Giant Intel on Privacy Research

Enigma is a Decentralized application platform (DApp). Recently the company posted about its partnership with one of the biggest tech giants Intel. As Enigma prepares to launch its blockchain testnet, it will partner with Intel on privacy research.

In September last year, Enigma completed a $45 mln Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Enigma said that the collaboration would focus on research and development efforts to advance the development of privacy-preserving computation technologies.

The platform aims to provide the first environment for scalable end-to-end DApps using bespoke privacy technology to protect data while still allowing computation on top of it.

As it was said in the post:

“Enigma is excited to continue collaborating with Intel to advance our protocol and privacy technologies for public blockchains, as well as expanding and strengthening our working relationship,”

Ahead of Intel plugging Enigma’s privacy developments at the Cyber Week 2018 event in Tel Aviv next this week, Rick Echevarria, vice president of the corporation’s software and services group and general manager, platforms security division, appeared likewise upbeat at the prospect of improving that area of the blockchain.

Rick Echevarria said in one of the posts from Intel,

“Security is pivotal to our company’s strategy and a fundamental underpinning for all workloads, especially those that are as data-centric as AI and blockchain.”

He then added,
“We will continue to innovate and make our silicon an active participant in the threat defense lifecycle.”

The move marks a further step in Intel’s blockchain involvement, this already spanning multiple industries, including healthcare, and partnerships, such as with virtual currency hardware firm Ledger.

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