Elena Sinelnikova Talks About Women in the Blockchain Industry
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Elena Sinelnikova Talks About Women in the Blockchain Industry

CoinFrenzy recently interviewed Elena Sinelnikova, the Founder of CryptoChicks Educational Hub.

Cryptochicks, as an organization, revolves around educating women across the globe about the blockchain technology and to inspire them to get involved in the industry. With hackathons, workshops, and conferences, they help women know more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies and also teach them how to write codes.

Elena herself used to be a software development team lead before turning into a serial entrepreneur. She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and specializes in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, app design, architecture, and development.

In the interview, she talked about the mission of Cryptochicks:

“Our mission is to teach women blockchain technology and to get them new job opportunities—and with this, increase the diversity of the whole blockchain space. We believe that blockchain technology can benefit if the space would be more diverse, so that more people would be involved.”

It is no secret that compared to the number of men involved in the blockchain space, the number of women involved is very less. The organization aims to bring women from all around the world into the blockchain industry.

The way the organization works towards the fulfillment of the mission, as per Elena is:

“We found a very great way to do it. We do it on an event-base. Our best events so far are the Hackathons that we conducted. We connect to women organizations—the technical ones, business organizations, and entrepreneurial organizations. We teach women blockchain technology through our sponsors, BlockGeeks—they graciously offered all of our participants, free online education. We also have a pool of mentors that we invite to our events so that the women that we attract there have mentorship. Also, we’ve been mentoring them on how to present the project, how to (make) investment plans, and how to do everything within regulations.”

Listen to the complete podcast here:

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