Facebook Promotes Engineer to Director of Blockchain Engineering

Evan Cheng Appointed as the Director of Blockchain Engineering by Facebook

Facebook has appointed one of its engineers, Evan Cheng as the Director of Blockchain Engineering as reported by the change in Cheng’s linkedin profile and later confirmed reports by Facebook.

Prior to this position, Cheng led the department of programming & runtimes for three years at Facebook and worked with Apple for ten years before that. He also served as the advisor to Zilliqa, a high generation blockchain platform, and ChainLink, dealing in smart contracts and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. He also constantly tweets about cryptocurrency. His background in engineering and experience in the blockchain field makes him an ideal candidate for the position.

This means that the social media giant is getting serious about integrating Blockchain in their systems and products. Last may, the company brought in David Marcus, the former Messenger head to lead its Blockchain operations. In June the company also announced that it would be lifting off its ban on cryptocurrency advertisements.

There are many speculated paths that Facebook might be going with this move towards blockchain and cryptocurrency. There are some reports that Facebook might be looking to buy coinbase and Marcus also sits on the board for Coinbase indicating some sort of a possible relationship or agreement between Facebook and Coinbase there. Other experts say that The social media giant might also be looking into developing its own cryptocurrency to enable payments on the social networking website. Blockchain technology can also be used to increase user privacy and security which would provide a major incentive to users to continue using the platform.

However, it is possible that Facebook merely wants to understand the Blockchain technology better so that when the time comes when it is an integral part of a business, they are at the forefront of it. But, with the appointment of Cheng, it is indicative that it is much more than this.

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