Delaware Agent Sells State's First Bitcoin Home

Delaware Agent Sells State’s First Bitcoin Home

Michael Kelczewski, a real estate broker for Sotheby’s International Realty sold the first home in Delaware that accepts Bitcoin payments. This $1.75 million home at 93 Wedgewood Road in Newark was the first home to accept this form of payment and this announcement was made on Kelczewski facebook page.

It is a 5-year-old, 4.2-acre house that has amenities such as a five-car garage, backyard pool, marble bathrooms and beautiful rooms. According to the real estate agent’s Facebook post, the listing was first made in January 14th and described as the ‘first property within the first state to offer Bitcoin payment support.’

The post was as follows

I sold the #Bitcoin house! 🎆 Not only the first property offering Bitcoin payment support in #Delaware , but the entire North East region😎 And one of the only properties in the World 🌎As I continue to scale a growing real estate practice a cross 3, soon 5 states 🤔I look forward to further disrupting an industry stuck in the 20th century. Why are barriers present to acquire America real estate? Our country provides an unparalleled unique combination of title records, property rights and financial systems. A solution is present ……. 

As the post mentions, the agent believes that digital currency is where the future is and plans on continuing using it and advocating for it as he further expands his business.

There are other home selling platforms such as Bitproperty and Cryptohome that are employing similar processes. Kenny Hayslett, CryptoHome founder, talked about the benefits of using Bitcoin in real estate.

The most mysterious thing about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is why they aren’t used more. It is simply digital money, a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to safely and securely transfer assets.

So while people may be partaking in crypto transactions for smaller assets, these examples show that there is a use and further potential for the use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency for bigger investments such as property as well.

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