DCEX, New Crypto Exchange That Uses XRP As Base

DCEX, New Crypto Exchange That Uses XRP As Base

A new crypto exchange, DCEX is planning to use XRP as its base cryptocurrency. This move will make DCEX the first crypto exchange that adopts XRP in such a prominent manner.

One of the main apprehensions associated with cryptocurrencies is that the industry is too dependent on Bitcoin and the failure of this cryptocurrency could mean failure of the industry. However, with this first move of increasing XRP’s importance, industry players are taking some steps to reduce the risk associated with Bitcoin.

DCEX will be powered by AlphaPoint, the crypto-tech firm. This new exchange will have all the cryptocurrencies trading against XRP. Crypto traders will have access to 15 pairs like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and others. There are also plans to add NEO and Cardano eventually.

DCEX will be fully open to users for trading in the next few weeks, however, it is possible to register right now. One of the most powerful functions of this exchange is its ability of rapid execution times with low latency. This is something that is essential as the United States based market relies on speed. The whole network can handle more than one million transactions per second, which shows that the DCEX platform designed for fast transaction volume.

These transactions in XRP are estimated to take less than 4 seconds on average, therefore, making DCEX one of the fastest crypto exchanges in the world.

One of the methods that DCEX is employing to encourage crypto traders to register is by offering low transaction fees, a move most exchanges make in their infancy stage. This exchange is also ideal for crypto users because of the ease of connecting one’s API key to speed up the high-frequency trading strategies.

In this rapidly changing and developing the world of crypto today, it is necessary to have an exchange that offers something different. By taking XRP as its base coin, that is exactly what DCEX is aiming to do.

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