Dash now on SugarTrends, CoinCards.ca and Bit2Me

Dash now on SugarTrends, CoinCards.ca and Bit2Me

DASH, that currently ranks at #14 according to CoinMarketCap, has now been added to SugarTrends, CoinCards.c, and Bit2Me. This means now there are new ways to buy and use Dash and also that hundreds of new businesses will now be accepting Dash for payment.

SugarTrends is an online boutique that has its main customer base set in Germany and offers a wide range of clothing, jewelry, home goods, food, drinks. This partnership will make these goods available to Dash users. It also provides products from a wide range of independent stores from around the world. The online boutique also has a store pick up feature in addition to shipping. This means that users can use Dash not only at online stores but physical locations as well.

Klaus Hipfinger, co-founder of Europe-based Dash promotional outfit Dash Embassy D-A-CH talked about Dash’s growth. He said,

Businesses are definitely warming up more and more for Dash. Why? Dash is seen all over the world firm as a rock.

Furthermore, Dash has also been added on CoinCards.ca and Bit2Me, for better acquisition and spending of the cryptocurrency. CoinCards.ca enables the purchasing of gift cards for Canadian businesses using cryptocurrency. These businesses include Walmart and Tim Hortons.

Mark Mason, Dash International Outreach Coordinator tweeted about the integration with CoinCards.ca

Good news #Dash fans! @CoinCards are now accepting @Dashpay as a form of payment. http://Coincards.ca  is a service that allows Canadians to purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers in #Canada using $Dash.

Bit2Me enables users to directly purchase Dash using a credit card or bank transfer and also enables them to purchase and sell with cash at thousands of locations around Spain. This provides new options to acquire Dash easily, especially for unbanked individuals who do not have access to fiat services as banked individuals.

Dash’s partnerships with various businesses continue to grow despite bearish trends in the overall cryptocurrency market. However, it is believed that this is no coincidence, but mere play by Dash to take cryptocurrency projects more seriously once the hype has simmered down and only legitimate projects still continue. Hipfinger stated,

The overall market downturn and bear market may be hit investors, and also new projects in the crypto space. But if you look at it more psychologically, crypto has lost some of its “unicorn powder” and now comes to focus on “real” working solutions, because of the need to survive and make money like usual businesses do. People are now starting to spend crypto instead of holding it until it’s worthless.

The number of businesses that accept Dash is continuously increasing and currently, there are about 2343 businesses accepting Dash for payments. Of these, 956 are located in Venezuela, a country that is adopting Dash at a very high rate and is undergoing a fiat crisis.

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