Dash Partners with AloGateway

Dash Partners with AloGateway

AloGateway, a global payment processor has announced its partnership with Dash, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, that would expand the global reach of Dash, especially in Asia. AloGateway announced the integration of Dash on its platform. The partnership will allow the merchants to hold, receive and send the currency, thus enabling access to Dash on its platform.

Alogateway is a global payment processing service and solution provider that caters to a range of clients. It helps its clients to collect payment in an expedient and completely secure manner and so making it simple for businesses to maintain high customer ratings too. Reliable and efficient payment processing service is highly required in today’s fast-paced environment of technological changes and a large volume of transactions.

AloGateway also provides various services and benefits like credit and debit card processing, multi-currency processing, recurring billing, online payments, mobile payments, advanced risk and fraud management system, comprehensive back-office platform, 24*7 merchant services support team and many more benefits. The platform currently processes about 1,00,000 transactions per day which is almost half of the transactions processed by Bitcoin.

According to the CEO of Alogateway, Sherwin Quiambao, Dash was selected as a partner because of its fast and cheap transactions:

“We had a number of reasons for choosing Dash as one of the first digital assets we offer on our platform. First, Dash has among the lowest fees and fastest transactions of any blockchain network. Dash also has an active community, particularly in parts of Asia and Europe where we are seeing a lot of potential for growth.”

Dash stands for digital cash and it features instant transactions. Dash aims to be the most on-chain-scalable cryptocurrency and most user-friendly in the world. The features of the network include instantly confirmed and double-spend-proof model. The self-governed and self-funded organizational structure of Dash also called as treasury system or decentralized governance by blockchain makes Dash a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization].

Dash has a market cap of $2.1 billion and is priced at $268.68. Asia has a strategic importance in the expansion and growth of cryptocurrencies. The partnership might mean greater exposure for Dash. It will be crucial for Dash’s growth as a global payment system. Dash’s expansion is growing rapidly with over 1300 publicly listed merchants accepting Dash.

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