Daily Crypto Update: SKB Rises 79% in 24 hours!

Daily Crypto Update: SKB Rises 79% in 24 hours!

There are many currencies that have gained in the last 24 hours but the currency that left everyone behind is Sakura Bloom (SKB).

Sakura Bloom (SKB) has risen an astounding 86.63% percent in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency saw a low of 0.003928 USD yesterday, July 04 and is now being traded at 0.012227 USD.

What is Sakura Bloom?

SAKURA BLOOM Coin (SKB coin) is an Ethereum Blockchain Platform ERC20 token, and a service
geared towards users (all users, including foreign and domestic Japanese citizens and foreign nationals)
of points, discount coupons, gift certificates, etc. SKB coin is a “Service Coin”.
SKB coin is constructed to allow users unified, multipurpose usage to fit respective goals, creating a
value of use which raises SKB’s own value, and further allows it to open up even more varied service
Sending, receiving, and managing of SKB coin is done via Wallet (Ethereum Token Wallet), while
exchange and transactions are performed through an exchange forum that handles SKB coin.
With users’ multipurpose or goal-oriented usage of SKB coin services, its range can extend across the
internet and real world to bring it into realization as a service with real value. Under the name of the
“SKB Project”, the project team would like to introduce to and provide for everyone who will help build
and use that market.

Reasons for the Rise:

Although there isn’t any specific reason for the recent gain of the cryptocurrency, the gain could be because of the highly volatile nature of the crypto market.

Other Major Gainers

The top ten cryptocurrencies that have gained considerably in the crypto market in the last 24 hours apart from Sakura Bloom (SKB) are:

AI Doctor (AIDOC) has gained 55.09 percent, and Dorado (DOR) has gained 47.99 percent.

Primas (PST) has gained 43.18 percent, and Hurify (HUR) has gained 39.22% percent.

AdHive (ADH) has gained 38.40 percent, and NaPoleonX (NPX) has gained 28.08 percent.

SIBCoin (SIB) has gained 27.03 percent, and GoChain (GO) has gained 25.35 percent.

Metaverse ETP (ETP) has gained 21.60 percent and the last cryptocurrency which made its way into the list of gainers is Seele (SEELE) with 20.90 percent.

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