Daily Crypto Update-DROP Rises 38.71% in 24 Hours!

Daily Crypto Update-DROP Rises 38.71% in 24 Hours!

Dropil (DROP) has risen 38.71 percent in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency saw a low of 0.005 USD yesterday, May 28 and is now being traded at 0.007 USD.

What is Dropil (DROP)?

Dropil focuses on innovative technologies for autonomous & intelligent trading, reporting and storage in the cryptocurrency world. Their smart trading bot Dex makes automated trading easier than ever before with unmatched diversification and dynamic logic swapping.

Their smart arbitrage bot Arthur assists you with a wealth of information to alert you to the best arbitrage opportunities as soon as they happen. A crypto wallet that is smarter, safer, more flexible, and most importantly, simple – while still being more robust than others available will be available soon.

All of their products seek to remove stress and lower the entry to the world of crypto – let the bots do the heavy lifting for you.  They believe in the power and value of information. They won’t waste your time with obscure analytics. This is why all of their products offer simple reporting that focuses on what’s important. At Dropil we never lock your money, you choose when you are ready to cash out. Withdraw to anywhere you want whenever you want.

Reasons for the Rise

While there isn’t any specific reason for the recent gain of the cryptocurrency, the gain can certainly be accredited to the highly volatile nature of the crypto market.

Other Major Gainers

MyBit Token (MBT) has gained 25.38 percent and Cyber Miles (CMT) has gained 19.60 percent.

Nexus (NXS) has gained 17.47 percent and GXChain (GXS) has gained 16.92 percent.

Nano (NANO) has gained 14.94 percent and Kin (KIN) has gained 12.92 percent.

RChain (RHOC) has gained 11.06 percent ICON (ICX) has gained 10.90 percent

Wanchain (WAN) has gained 10.39 percent and the last cryptocurrency which made its way into the list of gainers is Substratum (SUB) with 9.78 percent.

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