Daily Crypto Update: DCN Rises 49.53 percent in 24 hours!

Daily Crypto Update: DCN Rises 49.53 percent in 24 hours!

Dentacoin (DCN) has risen 49.53 percent in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency saw a low of 0.000729 USD yesterday, May 9, and is now being traded at 0.001311 USD.

What is DCN?

Dentacoin is the first Blockchain concept designed for the Global Dental Industry. The Dentacoin ERC20 token is configured to be used globally by all individuals. Dentacoin aims at improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable through crowd power. Numerous Blockchain-based tools will be developed and implemented.

Reasons for the Rise

Two main reasons for the rise of the cryptocurrency are its inclusion on OKEx and the giveaway it ran on account of being listed on OKEx. Giveaways tend to raise the prices of cryptocurrencies by a long shot. And so does inclusion on a new cryptocurrency exchange.

Other Big Gainers

Polymath (POLY) has risen up by 30.29 percent in the last 24 hours, while Zilliqa (ZIL) has seen a growth of 15.96 percent.

Skycoin (SKY) is another cryptocurrency to have risen considerably in the last 24 hours with an impressive growth of 14.52 percent.

0x (ZRX) rose by 13.63 percent in the last 24 hours while Bitcoin Private (BTCP) has risen by 13.10 percent in the same time.

Biggest Losers

While mentioning the biggest gainers, it is apt to also point out which cryptocurrencies have lost the most in the last 24 hours.

Augur (REP) has lost 7.09 percent making it the biggest loser in the last 24 hours. It is followed by Populous (PPT) which has lost 4.33 percent.

Followed by PPT is Ethos (ETHOS) which has lost 4.06 percent.

The last on our list of biggest crypto losers is IOTA (MIOTA) which has lost 3.10 percent, still keeping TRON at the 10th position in terms of the total market cap.

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