DAD Chain To Integrate NEO and Ontology In Its Decentralized Network

DAD Chain To Integrate NEO and Ontology In Its Decentralized Network

Chinese based DAD(Decentralized Advertising) project wants to build a distributed advertising economy by using its own DAD blockchain in cooperation with the NEO and Ontology public blockchains.

The DAD project states that Ontology blockchain can be useful in restoring the trust between actors in the advertising economy, therefore helping mitigate some of the problems that exist with the online advertising economy currently. These problems include fraudulent and invalid advertising traffic, ad impressions generated by bots, poor placement of advertisements in locations where they have little or no impact, users excluded from advertising revenue despite having the time, bandwidth and computing power that is required for displaying advertisements. Because of these and other problems, users often use ad blocking software and therefore restrict advertisers from reaching their desired audience.

The main value proposed by the DAD project is to eliminate these problems. The DAD chain wants to incentivize users to share their data by rewarding them with cryptocurrency.

Users will register their Id using ONT ID on the Ontology blockchain. According to the company, their behavior will be anonymously recorded and businesses that want to analyze user profiles will have to seek permission from the users themselves.

Users will also be incentivized if they want to participate in the governance of the advertising network by judging the quality of the network and separating the bad advertisements from the good. Because the advertisers themselves have verified accounts on the network, this makes feedback loops possible. The system is designed to increase the trust between advertisers, users and publishers.

The DAD token will be a NEP 5 token registered on the NEO blockchain. However, eventually, the project wants to migrate the token to its own blockchain upon the launch of its MainNet. Use cases of this token include payment from advertisers to publishers and users, voting rights for content quality and blockchain administration.

The project plans to release a technical prototype on the Ontology Network in the third quarter of the year. The launch of the project on the DAD MainNet is to take place in the third quarter of 2019.

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