Czech Energy Supplier Introduces Crypto Payments

Czech Energy Supplier Introduces Crypto Payments

Pražská Plynárenská, one of the major suppliers of natural gas in the Czech Republic, has announced that it will soon start accepting crypto payments from its customers.

According to company’s management, customers can opt for bitcoin payments as early as next month.  The company is about to join an increasing number of businesses in Czech Republic processing crypto payments, by introducing them to the country’s energy sector. Being one of the major suppliers of gas in the country, the company serves over 400,000 homes and businesses. The firm is also engaged in maintenance of telecommunication equipment, vehicle servicing, and IT services, among many of its business endeavors. And, its latest project – crypto payments.

Pavel Janeček, CEO of the company, said the team is set to open a new payment gateway next month – a gateway which will automatically convert bitcoin payments into the country’s local currency so that the firm doesn’t have to deal with bitcoin volatility. But if customers wish to pay in an alternative way, the firm wants to allow them to do that, he added. According to Hospodářské noviny, a daily newspaper published in the Czech Republic, Pražská Plynárenská will be the first in the country’s energy sector to accept crypto payments.

Janeček explained that this new payment gateway is also a great way to attract the younger generation. The management of the company has recently introduced CNG-run car rentals especially for YouTube vloggers, which makes it important to prioritize the younger generation. He added that the firm wants to reach out to young people who make all payments through their mobile phones.

A growing number of businesses in the country are turning to digital currencies as an alternative payment option. Although some companies just see it as a marketing move, with not many of their customers making crypto payments and merchants converting crypto coins to fiat within no time, there are companies that are more serious about cryptocurrency.

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