Get Ready for CryptoTracker—The Unique Price-tracker

Get Ready for CryptoTracker—The Unique Price-tracker

While there is no shortage of price-tracking websites in the crypto-sphere, what makes CryptoTracker so powerful and unique is how they pair live real-time news with each specific coin, allowing their users to correlate news-based market movements and make better, more informed investment choices.

CryptoTracker uses a combination of machine learning technology and human oversight to curate the most relevant, real-time news for each individual coin from several industry standard sources, including CoinFrenzy. Paired with live market data and beautiful graphs, their clean minimal design makes for a good user experience.

CryptoTracker’s CTO, Ian Borders elaborates on what’s in store in the coming weeks, “We have a fairly aggressive development timeline, and we’ll be rolling out new features and updates nearly every day through the end of the year, including real-time market alerts, the ability to search and curate your own coin list, and deep-dive into the historical data, graphs, and news for any coin, just to name a few”.

CryptoTracker launches today (Thursday, Oct. 25th) to the public for the first time. We are definitely looking forward to seeing how their unique take on tracking news with coin data has on traders and enthusiasts alike.

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