Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Earns Hackers $2Mln Worth of Cryptos in China

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Earns Hackers $2Mln Worth of Cryptos in China

Hackers in China earned $2 mln worth of cryptocurrency by creating a crypto mining malware that infected over a million computers in the country over a span of two years.

According to a report published by a local media outlet on Monday, July 9, police in the Chinese city of Da Lian has arrested 20 suspects from a computer technology company who reportedly gained control over a large number of computers in order to earn cryptos from “illicit cryptocurrency mining”.

The malware created by the hackers was embedded inside “internet browser plug-ins” developed by them for multiple purposes, like faster browsing speed. These were shown in display ads which reached five million computers in China.

According to the city police, clicking on these display ads and then installing plug-ins helped the malware infect over a million computers, mining a total of twenty-six mln digibyte, siacoin and decred tokens in a little over two years.

The hackers ostensibly opted to mine minor cryptocurrencies as they don’t require much computing power as compared to some major cryptocurrencies, allowing the whole mining process to be “quieter”, making it less likely to get noticed by the victims.

According to the report, the creators had developed a network of over a 100 agents to spread the illicit mining software, “such as through working relationships with cyber cafes.”

Recently, another group of hackers was busted in the country, allegedly trying to hack into a hundred thousand computers owned by cyber cafes in order to mine siacoin cryptocurrency.

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