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Cryptocurrency Exchange CEO, Yi-Teng Cheng as Taipei’s Mayor?

The CEO of a major over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange, OTCBTC, who is also a Facebook hackathon winner, Yi-Teng Cheng has announced that she would be running for the mayor of Taipei, the Taiwanese capital city. Cheng, better known as xdite, informed people about her plans through her Facebook post dated April 14.

Cheng is a world-class developer and hacker and has won the Global Grand Prize at Facebook’s 2012 Hackathon. She has worked for China’s platform as their Chief Technical Officer and has run a large-scale full-stack coding camp in China.

On CoinMarketCap, OTCBTC is ranked 68 in terms of 24-hour trading volume. The cryptocurrency exchange, however, claims itself to be the largest OTC exchange in Asia.

Cheng wrote in her Facebook post that the 35-year-old crypto enthusiast had “always wanted a mayor who understands how business works” but since there wasn’t any suitable candidate which she could find, she decided to run for the mayor herself. In her Facebook post, Cheng said:

“With 8 candidates running for mayor, most of them are nearly 60 years old or older than 70. None of them know what’s going on in the world, nor what challenges or competition we face […] This person needs to have the money, the guts, the passion, and experience running a team/company.”

Her political platform revolves around the idea of making Taipei the advanced city that it once was, she writes. She believes that with the “regulation friendly” environment in the city and its close proximity to China, Japan, and South Korea, it has a “great potential to become […] the pioneer blockchain city in Asia.”

She wants to make Taipei a Blockchain “experimental city”, instead of just having a few Blockchain community zones. Her idea calls for a cryptocurrency investment bank to be built in the city as well.

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