Cryptocurrency grows into a Billion in a Day

Cryptocurrency grows into a Billion in a Day

Two days ago, cryptocurrency bulls were attempting to break strong resistance and managed to push digital asset values to much higher price regions. The price of bitcoin core (BTC) was averaging $6,740 per BTC during the early morning trading sessions on July 17, then the digital currency spiked to $7,300 a few hours later. Then again, BTC touched a high of $7,546 gaining over $800 over the course of the day. Digital currency prices, in general, followed BTC’s path as most of the top cryptocurrencies gained 10-20 percent in 24-hours.

The crypto-bulls are back, at least for time being, bringing most of the top digital assets back into the green after months of bearish sentiment. Most of the digital currencies are seeing gains between 10-20 percent but some coins like Stellar are up well over 30 percent today. The overall market capitalization of all 1600+ assets on July 18, is hovering around $296Bn with 24-hour trade volume around $20Bn. Cryptocurrency trade volumes across the boards have spiked considerably since our last markets update two days ago.

Bitcoin core (BTC) market action has seen 24-hour trade volume jump from $4.4Bn on Monday to $6.6Bn today. Currently, BTC/USD is valued at approximately $7,435 per BTC. At the time of publication, the entire BTC market valuation is roughly $127Bn and BTC commands the top trade volume out of all the top markets. The top exchanges swapping the most bitcoin core today include Bitflyer, Coinbene, Bitfinex, Binance, and Fcoin. The Japanese yen is the most traded pair today with BTC capturing 54 percent of global trades. This is followed by tether (USDT 26.5%), USD (13.6%), EUR (2%), and the KRW (1.4%). Bitcoin dominance among the entire list of market capitalizations is approximately 43 percent at the time of publication.

The verdict this week shows a steady flow of optimism stemming from cryptocurrency proponents and traders. A good portion of traders on social media channels believe brighter days are ahead and the bullish reversal will continue at least up until the bitcoin-based ETF decision in August.

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