CryptoControl Launches Bitwords

CryptoControl Launches Bitwords

The crypto news aggregator CryptoControl has announced the launch of Bitwords, a new and innovative ad-network platform.

What is Bitwords?

Bitwords is an effective content recommendation platform for advertisers and publishers in the crypto sphere.

For advertisers, the platform is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Dedicated Crypto Audience- Since the ads are displayed to crypto traders, enthusiasts and investors, the audience would be a 100 percent dedicated crypto audience.
  • Transparency- Since all costs are recorded in a smart contract, advertisers can see exactly how much they spend and to which publisher the money was paid to.
  • Advanced Targeting- With Bitwords, the advertisers get a wide range of targeting options such as targeting audience by the device, targeting audience by the language, targeting audience by the country, targeting audience by the keywords, and many other targeting options.
  • High Secure- Funds belonging to the advertisers are locked in an Ethereum smart contract, which makes it 100 percent secure and advertisers would only be charged as much as is spent.
  • Fully Refundable- Even if the platform faces losses, your funds are secure and fully refundable since they are on the Ethereum blockchain.

For publishers, the platform has the following benefits:

  • Easy to Install- The publishers can install the ads easily using a simple WordPress plugin.
  • High Profitability- Since the system is transparent, the commissions are lower than its competitors in the market. What this means for publishers is that they earn more.
  • No Registration Required- Other than your Ethereum wallet address (for payouts), you won’t be required to share any details.
  • Daily Payouts- Publishers would receive payments on a daily basis straight into their Ethereum wallets. All transaction fees for the transactions are paid for by Bitwords.
  • Transparency- The platform is truly transparent about how much a site earns as well as the cut Bitwords takes.

What is CryptoControl?

CryptoControl is a crypto news aggregator which allows users to track news from different news sources in a single place. Users can track news from mainstream sources, crypto news sources as well as social media.

The website takes large amounts of data from paid and private sources and then applies complex AI and NLP engines to process the accumulated data. The data is then presented in an easy-to-understand format through CryptoControl’s mobile app and website.

CryptoControl has spiders which crawl over 1000 sites every 5 minutes, finding news and processing it to be produced in front of the audience.

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