Crypto Training Courses on the Rise in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand

Crypto Training Courses on the Rise in South Korea, Japan, and Thailand

Crypto learning courses and seminars are on the rise in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. For Japanese investors, Bit Station and Bitcoin no Madoguchi have decided to offer guidance for investing in cryptocurrency. And, in Thailand, Cryptonist’s seminar and the Cryptoasset Revolution course are going to happen very soon. Meanwhile, Koscom and Decenter University have introduced training courses in South Korea.

Bitcoin no Madoguchi (Trans. Bitcoin’s Window) in Tokyo, offers information related to cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, and latest news in the crypto sphere. The company’s official website explains:

You can receive explanations and guidance about virtual currencies for free from the concierge at a real store so that novice investors in virtual currency can enjoy bitcoins and altcoins easily.

In Osaka, Zero Base set up Bit Station educational center to help investors who can’t take the first step in cryptocurrency trading. The store provides about various cryptocurrencies, in addition to tax consultation and opening of accounts on crypto exchanges.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the Thai Fintech Association has collaborated with Icora Co. Ltd to launch the Cryptoasset Revolution course. The first course is set to take place in Bangkok from June 12 to August 14. The course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge and understanding about crypto trading and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

Another Thai crypto firm, Cryptonist, is holding a meetup today, on May 31, and has invited everyone to come and learn more about cryptocurrencies. Additionally, attendees will also be provided information on the Thai crypto laws and regulations.

Decenter University in South Korea has launched a course on blockchain tech and cryptocurrency. The course will run between June 11 and August 6, every Monday. The course is aimed at helping students understand principles of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum; understand the blockchain technology and how it impacts existing industries; (and) identify trends and visions of the global government towards blockchain.

Koscom, a leading IT service provider in South Korea, has recently announced the launch of its crypto training program for its employees, the KRX (Korean Stock Exchange), and brokerage companies, reports Ddaily. The news outlet elaborates:

The course consists of a comprehensive coaching course, including Bitcoin Core, consensus algorithm, ICO analysis, blockchain development, and project progression, along with basic knowledge of block chains.

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