Cryptocurrency startup is now a community of 25 Million Wallets

Cryptocurrency startup is now a community of 25 Million Wallets

UK-based cryptocurrency wallet provider has hit a huge milestone by surpassing 25 million customer wallets on its platform, according to Yahoo Finance. The company’s growth has been supported by notable hires and an extremely talented team. has experienced exponential growth ever since its launch in the year 2013. In the initial 18 months of its existence only, the startup expanded by a tremendous 2100% from 1,00,000 to 3 million wallets.

With 25 million wallets community, the startup is a larger community than that of Charles Schwab (9 million accounts), TD Ameritrade (11 million accounts) and Ally Bank combined. It is undoubtedly the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet. Coinbase, the competitor of, had a userbase of 13 million as of November which was the last time Coinbase publicly shared the userbase.

The Company reportedly involves in 1,60,000 daily transactions apart from 100,000,000+ transactions powered by the Company. It has raised a whopping $70,000,000 from the leading investors in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and London. Virgin, Google Ventures, Digital Currency Group, Prudence Holding etc. are some of the investors.

The company has experienced unprecedented growth in the last few months. Through its “Blockchain explorer”, the company also shows real-time activity on the bitcoin blockchain. However, it should be noted that 25 Million wallets community doesn’t mean the company has exactly 25 million users, as one user can have multiple wallets too. There are 22 million Bitcoin wallets with a positive balance, according to Bitcoin Private, which means that some of the wallets might be empty or some of the users of don’t use the flagship cryptocurrency.

After the announcement, various users noted that supported the controversial SegWit2x (Segregated Witness) hard fork to increase bitcoin’s block size to 2 MB but failed to reach consensus. Others claimed that it hasn’t yet adopted the SegWit, a scaling solution created by the Bitcoin Core development team, though they claimed that it was ready for it earlier this year.

Peter Smith, the CEO of, said,

“Everyone should have some meaningful yet small allocation. You should buy crypto in amounts that you’re not worried about, and you should sell it whenever you start thinking about it once a day.”

The Company is building a strong and safe community of digital currency enthusiasts and is claiming to increase innovation to create a brighter financial future.

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