Adds Ten USD Trading Pairs
News Adds Ten USD Trading Pairs has made available ten new USD pairings today. This is done in order to ensure the growth of their trading platform.

COSS – Crypto One Stop Solution is the Singapore headquartered Cryptocurrency Exchange. They had revealed on Tuesday that they will be adding ten new cryptos. The ten cryptocurrencies which are revealed and scheduled to be listed on their platform are as follows:
1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
2. EOS (EOS)
3. Lisk (LSK)
4. Ark Ecosystem (ARK)
5. Zencash (ZEN)
6. Waves Platform (WAVES)
7. OmiseGo (OMG)
9. Dash (DASH)
10. NEM (XEM)

COSS is a one-stop solution for an exchange, an e-Wallet provider supporting numerous tokens, a fiat gateway, platform for ICO launches, a market cap widget and much more. COSS provides immense benefits to its users like transparency as a person can keep track of all transactions and they are verified on the blockchain, instant conversion as one can easily exchange, for instance, ETH and BTC, safety of funds in a digital wallet and integrated cash flow as a user can easily transfer funds between an exchange and digital wallet.

Furthermore, it has unique features like cryptocurrency and ICO listing, digital wallet, actively traded token pairs, regulatory compliance, regular trading promo campaigns, dynamic trading fee and fiat deposits and withdrawals. It provides a simple and convenient platform. COSS have in place a minimum deposit of US $1,000 currently.

The COSS team was reluctant to share any sort of timeline related to a dozen features that they have listed on their platform. They have however promised that they will publish all the information that will detail out the features of COSS 2.0. Such publications from newly developing segments are much anticipated considering the impressive and unique benefits and features that COSS is expected to offer. COSS has a market capitalization of $15.9 million and is ranking the 350th most valued cryptocurrency. The exchange is ranked at 126th overall.

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