The First Core Batch of Tronics Launched by TRX's Justin Sun

The First Core Batch of Tronics Launched by TRX’s Justin Sun

The Founder of TRON, Justin Sun announced on July 5th that the first batch of core Tronics has been selected. These are the ones who assisted the Tron Foundation to keep their pace in terms of growth.

Earlier today Justin Sun tweeted:

“First batch of core #TRONICS list was out, click to know more. #TRON #TRX”

The first ‘Super Representative Election’ was also held by the TRON community which was based on votes from the community. A total of 27 representatives were elected by them. The SR candidate also went live on a video where they gave quick details about why, how and what are their plans with TRON.

The upgrade and token migration movement of TRON’s MainNet is currently the hot topic of the crypto market. At present TRON has gathered assistance from everywhere which in includes individuals as well as trading platforms.

The token migration event was held by TRON on 21st June and TRX withdrawals had been stopped until 25th June. Earlier, the RX supporters held ERC20 tokens which were made on the Ethereum Network. These Token are not compatible with the launch of the latest platform. TRON shifted from the ERC20 to the TRON20 standard, which is a native coin for the Tron Mainnet.

As of now, to commend the token relocation and blockchain update TRON burned out 50 million TRX tokens. Not only this, Tron Independence Group [TIG] was depended with the 33,251,807,424 TRX, while the original amount is 34,251,807,524 TRX. These were held by TRON foundation, thinking about the security of its virtual asset. After this, Tron discharged its locked TRX tokens and burned near to 49 billion TRX ERC20 tokens.

TRON has gathered support from more than 50 digital currency trading platforms which include Zebpay, Bittrex and Upbit.
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