IBM is partnering up with Columbia University on its Blockchain Initiatives
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IBM is partnering up with Columbia University on its Blockchain Initiatives

IBM is continuing its work in the blockchain area and has now partnered up with Columbia University in New York. Named the Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency, IBM aim is to use Columbia’s academic and scientific network to develop blockchain technology further.

Arvind Krishna, director of IBM Research and senior vice president of Hybrid Cloud said,

With Columbia, we are able to bring together leading thinkers on applying blockchain and data best practices based on extensive research and business experience and together prepare a new generation of technologists and business leaders.

They are also introducing a new incubator known as the ‘innovation accelerator’ that will be available to students, faculty of the University and the larger decentralized startup community.

IBM is definitely serious about its investment in terms of time, effort and money in Blockchain. It also started offering free certificate courses indicating that they are not only interested in blockchain technology and developing it, but also the people involved with it. This 12-week program will start at the end of the month and will be taught by IBM India researcher Praveen Jayachandran. The certificates awarded at the end of the program will be co-signed by IBM, therefore, granting it credibility.

The center with Columbia University will have a dedicated committee of Columbia University professors and IBM researchers that will review proposals for blockchain ‘curriculum development, business initiatives and research programs later this year.

It will also serve as an advisory on regulatory issues for blockchain startups and provide internship opportunities for improvement of technical and professional skills of students

Columbia’s official entry in blockchain is representative of the larger trend amongst ivy league and other prestigious schools. Duke, MIT, Cornell, Stanford and Berkeley are all offering courses in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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