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CoinSpectator: Where News Meets ICOs

Ever thought of a platform where you could find news as well as ICOs at the same time? Well, CoinSpectator is just the right platform for you.

Coinspectator is a free cryptocurrency news aggregator which enables users to monitor top news sources in the crypto industry in real-time. Traders, investors, and enthusiasts can use the platform for getting the latest news about the crypto market, for investment tips, for information about the market volatility, ICO launches, etc.

Using the platform is very easy as well. The first page you land on when you visit the website is the news page where you can check out the latest news articles posted by the leading news sources in the industry. You can customize what you see with the help of some handy filters such as the option to choose between the latest news and the top news.

Apart from that, you can search for specific keywords to get the relevant news articles. You also have the choice of the source being news websites or blogs or both. This is one feature which comes in very handy when you intend to research about cryptocurrencies. Towards the right, you can see information about CoinSpectator as well as hints to let you know how you can use the platform.

To the right, just below the hints section, you can see some ICOs listed as well as a link for you to check out the other ICOs. At the footer, you can see the live prices of different cryptocurrencies, which makes the whole news page comprehensive.

Coming to the news articles themselves, upon clicking any news article, you can see it on the right-hand side where the information, hints, and the ICOs were mentioned previously. This section contains a short segment of the news, a link to view the full article, as well as information about the sentiment of the community towards the news article.

The ICO section contains everything you need to know whether the ICO is one in which you wish to invest or not. It has filters for the state of the ICO (Active, Upcoming, and Ended) as well as the filters to decide whether the ICO is worth investing or not (Hot, and Scam). A search bar helps users to search for the ICOs they have in mind as well as specific keywords they want the ICO to be related to.

You can even log into the system to access various other features of the platform. At the header, you have the option to subscribe to CoinSpectator, follow them on Twitter, send an email to them, and to check out their blog.

So go ahead, and check it out!

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