Crypto Exchange Launched by Coinsmart for Canadian Taxpayers

Crypto Exchange Launched by Coinsmart for Canadian Taxpayers

A Canadian cryptocurrency exchange named CoinSmart has been officially launched for Canadian taxpayers. CoinSmart is a new addition to the Canadian crypto block.

About the Exchange

Coinsmart works with an aim to break down the barriers of complex and confusing cryptocurrency transactions. It offers simple solutions, 24*7 client support and learning tools for all levels. It also aims to ‘solve the pain and confusion of purchasing cryptocurrency for Canadian investors’. The exchange includes an easy-to-navigate interface, educational material, and around-the-clock support across various channels.

The features include the ability for investors to make transactions with coins that are not paired with Ethereum or Bitcoin and a tax-time reporting tool so that users can calculate their taxable income and capital gains. Users can, in fact, purchase any listed cryptocurrency with the Canadian dollar, hence reducing the need for such a pairing.

How does it work?

A user needs to create an account which gets verified in minutes. Then, the user can deposit funds to his/her account. Money transfers to the account the same day the exchange receives it.

After this, a user is ready to trade and can start buying and selling.

It has the widest coin selection and supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Monero. It is specially designed for users, be it experts or beginners. It allows direct trading between any coin or CAD. It offers advanced trade options involving limits, Stop Loss, Charting etc and has the industry-leading cold storage wallet which is highly secure.

Justin Hartzman, the CEO of CoinSmart, emphasized the need for an accessible Canadian crypto exchange by saying:

“As a long-standing cryptocurrency investor, I have experienced first-hand how Canadians are under-served by existing exchanges. Platforms are unnecessarily complex, lack personal touch, and do not provide the tools and service support that consumers deserve. We used these issues as our design motivation and trust that CoinSmart fixes all these concerns allowing any investor – first time or not – to truly feel comfortable and secure.”

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