CoinMarketCap and Kind Ads Partners to Accept Payment for Advertisements

CoinMarketCap and Kind Ads Partners to Accept Payment for Advertisements

As a medium of payment for ads posted on CoinMarketCap [CMC] platform, it has incorporated Kind tokens

An official statement on the company’s blog read:

“So for a start, in addition to accepting payments for ads in BTC and ETH (and fiat), we will now also accept payments for ads in Kind Tokens”.

This recent development was inspired by Kind Ads’ vision towards a decentralized ad ecosystem in crypto publishers as explained by CMC.

It went on to explain that the end goal of Kind Ads is to distinguish itself as something that the platform can relate to. This goal intends to focus on making the internet more “kind” by introducing an advertising system that provides only relatable ads to end users.

The Kind Ads model provides publishers and advertisers with an opportunity to connect directly keeping in mind the benefits of blockchain technology and the fundamental solutions that it attracts. Doing so eliminates the cost implications and all the complications which are related to intermediaries and other forms of third parties.

This model gives back the control of data powers back to the customers who represent the actual owners of such data. Hence, besides advertisers and publishers, usual customers have previously been there as usual passers-by can now control their data and interests.

CoinMarketCap, being an ad-supporting platform understands its users’ disposition and its responsibility to make sure that the users have a convenient experience. Therefore, they are working continuously to improve the quality of service delivered. Hence, this partnership is aiming to enhance the overall service of ads.  It also seeks at becoming a formidable avenue to incorporate platform users and trying to understand their needs.

As per the announcement, Kind Ads choices evolve from responsive research and consideration of the cons and pros of many blockchain based ads platforms. The platform assists in solving the unchecked problems of intrusive advertising systems that flood the internet today.

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