CoinDrop, an innovative Cryptocurrency Airdrop Service is Here

CoinDrop, an innovative Cryptocurrency Airdrop Service is Here

CoinDrop, a service that helps anyone easily receive ‘airdrops’ of cryptocurrency was launched on August 16.

An airdrop means distribution of coins by cryptocurrency businesses to coin owners at a certain time and ratio or to those people who participate in specific events. The already existing airdrop services are considered difficult to participate in because of complicated procedures such as requiring the participants to write a long review or register with multiple channels.

However, CoinDrop is different. It focuses on making it easier for participants to receive coins through airdrop. The procedure is very simple and all that the participants have to do is enter a MyEtherWallet (MEW) address and join the official Telegram chatroom.

The first company that is running an event as the first CoinDrop partner is SEED. SEED is an eco friendly and renewable energy blockchain company with innovative projects. The first project is the SEED Blockchain Center project which is the construction of an eco-friendly high rise complex building that had a total project cost of USD $700 million.

This project will be located in Jakarta, Indonesia and brings together blockchain and ‘environmentally sound and sustainable development’ technology. Based on reliable, offline business models, the project has an advantage of not allowing anyone to directly participate in SEED’s business to be able to generate consistent profits and contribute towards environmental protection as well.

SEED uses CoinDrop for the following purposes- when users participate in the telegram room, 20 SEEDs will be rewarded, when a referee individual participates in the telegram room, an addition 10 SEEDs will be rewarded to the user who referred to him or her. SEED referral rewards can be as much as 60,000 SEEDs per person and the event will end when a total of 3 million SEEDs are exhausted.

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