CoinCodex Announces 100,000 TRX Giveaway
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CoinCodex Announces 100,000 TRX Giveaway

CoinCodex recently announced a 100,000 TRX giveaway to five lucky winners determined by a random draw.

As per the official announcement:

We’re giving away 100,000 TRX tokens in collaboration with Tron. To enter the contest and have a chance at winning 20,000 TRX tokens, click the button below.
Giveaway period: 2018/11/02 15:00 to 2018/11/12 15:00 (UTC).
Prize pool: 100,000 TRX
Number of winners: Five, determined by a random draw.

The giveaway is just one of the many ways in which the community is pushing the cryptocurrency forward. Even though a majority of the cryptocurrency’s community is active with groups of people acting together, Team Tronics is the largest community team for the cryptocurrency.

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Team Tronics recently held an event to connect with the people in person. Drew Wise, the Co-founder and Team Leader of Team Tronics, started the event by introducing himself as well as the team:

“I’m Drew Wise, the Team Leader and Co-founder of Team Tronics and I just want to say thank you again for coming out and TRON, for helping promote this event. We’ve got a lot coming. Team Tronics was found in April 2018. We are a group of community members who came together to represent TRON and really grow TRON […] We are the largest community team and we are a mobile team. Since we are mobile, we have created an international community in which we focus on strengthening and promoting the TRON blockchain.”

He then spoke about the changes and developments in Team Tronics:

“We have a new logo […] and a new domain for our website which is tronics[dot]io. We have a new team structure—we are a global, decentralized team so we all work together to really push TRON to higher heights. We will have a new, updated website very soon […] and projects in development.”

Talking about the vision and mission of the team, he said:

“Our mission is to drive a strong network. We are a group of very passionate Tronics and we want to drive adoption and to raise awareness about TRX. I believe that education is a key step forward for blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. We have been contributors since Testnet and we have really really grown a lot since then. Our vision is to be the most influential blockchain community in the world. We want to build an ecosystem which benefits the users and gives them the best experience on the internet.”

Introducing everyone to the future plans of the team, he said:

“We are looking forward to TRON blockchain and we are looking to working together with other SRs to build the best ecosystem possible. We want to grab developers from other existing platforms and bring them to TRON blockchain. We want to build the strongest project on the TRON network.”

The cryptocurrency was recently listed on BITEXBOOK, which is a digital currency exchange. As their team puts it:

“BITEXBOOK is a team of two dozen professional people (from programmers to financiers), behind which are several successful financial projects. The BITEXBOOKis a member of the group of companies StreamCapital Group LTD, founded in 2013, and includes a number of financial and IT projects.”

The main goal of the BITEXBOOK project, as per a Medium blog of theirs is:

“The main goal of the BITEXBOOK project is to provide high-tech and high-quality solutions in the crypto-currency field. The current high interest in cryptocurrency is almost not satisfied with the quality services offered by the existing crypto-exchanges. Most of them do not provide high-quality customer support, convenient options of fund deposit and withdrawal, fast problem solving. Trivial verification process may take up to several months… BITEXBOOK decided to say «NO» to all these issues.”

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