Coinbase Approved to List Security Tokens and Bitpay gets NY Bitlicense

Coinbase Approved to List Security Tokens and Bitpay gets NY Bitlicense

Coinbase is approved to list security tokens, and Bitpay got a New York Bitlicense. Additionally, the BCH exchange rate is now displayed directly on Google.

Blackrock, considered to be the world’s largest asset manager with over $6 trillion in assets under management, is probing the crypto market. Reports have popped up yesterday that the NYSE-listed company has created a ‘working group’ to explore how it can take advantage of the hot new alternative investment instruments.

Larry Fink, chairman, and CEO, subsequently denied in an interview that the company is setting up any crypto trading capabilities or that Blackrock received a demand for it from its clients. However, he did confirm that the company is studying the performance of cryptocurrencies to be prepared for the eventuality in the future.

“When it becomes more legitimatized, when it has a true open nature of it that you can identify who the players are on both sides, that’s when we’ll probably look at it,” Fink said

There has recently been a race among crypto companies to acquire licenses to offer securities in the US, with firms such as Coinbase, Circle and Uphold buying up-regulated assets.

BitpayThe Daily: Blackrock Probes Market, Coinbase to List Securities, Bitpay Gets a Bitlicense, the digital asset service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia, received a Virtual Currency License from the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS). This ‘Bitlicense’ enables businesses based in the state to leverage Bitpay to accept BCH and BTC for purchases from users globally, and local residents to be able to make purchases with the service.

And last but not least, Robinhood has announced that after BCH and LTC, it has now added for trading on its Crypto app the lovable Shiba meme-based cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

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