Chinese credit investigation firm and Ontology [ONT] in ‘deep cooperation’

Chinese credit investigation firm and Ontology [ONT] in ‘deep cooperation’

On 5th July, Ontology [ONT] posted on Twitter has announced its ‘deep cooperation’ with CCX Credit Technology Co. Ltd., for the Ontology ecosystem to increase enterprise investigation. This step has been taken by Ontology (ONT) to convince a sense of reliability for its ecosystem.

CCX Credit Technology is a China-based credit data corporation. It is leading the industry by getting to be one of the early organizations to accomplish the capability of ‘enterprise credit investigation business operations’ and ‘recording’.

The objective of Ontology is to build bridges over the real world economy and distributed digital systems through its ‘real economy strategy’. They likewise need to keep the framework and its advancements uncomplicated. Keeping in mind the end goal to do so, Ontology expects to disseminate its services across over various fields by building ‘service delivery teams’ in various sectors.

Ontology’s services can be controlled by its distributed framework through numerous applications. This will help join decentralized affirmation sources with the globals ones to additionally connect assets, objects, affairs and most significantly help people to distribute digital systems. The comprehensive picture is to connect the real economy constituents with that of the computerized world.

The consequence of this ‘trust system’ will reflect in more grounded network trust and social proficiency through exhaustive check and verification, and a superior client encounter.

The Founder of Ontology, Li Jun additionally passed on that Ontology’s distributed trust system would demonstrate acceptance of projects requiring compliance and cooperation, regardless of the form of technology, scale, and such. Jun also added:

“This cooperation with CCX will have a positive and far-reaching effect on Ontology building a more comprehensive distributed trust ecosystem. For more than a decade, CCX has been using more and more data dimensions in credit investigation and continuously applying more means of production to perform credit assessment, risk management, and big data risk control extension services. I look forward to our cooperation in more credit investigative fields.”

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