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CCIntelligence ICO Review


CCIntelligence has a team of 10 members and 5 advisors. For some reason, the team doesn’t identify themselves with CCIntelligence, which looks odd. However, the team is technically sound and might actually be able to pull the project off. Their advisors seem pretty dicey since even though they have an experience in their respective fields, their experience in the Blockchain industry. The team consists of the following members:

  • Bram Stalknecht: As a former Goldman Sachs quant he co-founded SemLab, the Artificial Intelligence company providing blockchain, deep learning and trading sentiment software. Bram holds a Master Degree in IT business administration, University of Twente, The Netherlands.
  • Mark Vreijling: Mark is a scientist at heart with a clear view of practical opportunities of scientific innovation, and is a dedicated student of knowledge technology in combination with communication science and artificial intelligence. Together with his development team, he has initiated seven
    patents in the field of decision support and semantic news analysis.
  • Chris Prins: Chris is a blockchain expert.
  • Trude Gentenaar: Trude is an Artificial Intelligence and NLP expert.
  • Bas Mulder: Bas is an Artificial Intelligence and NLP expert.
  • Guylian Pot: Guylian is a full-stack developer.
  • Oscar Klein Herenbrink: Oscar is a full-stack developer.
  • Casper van Houten: Casper is a data scientist.
  • Rutger van Driel: Rutger is a data scientist.
  • Emma Smitshuijzen: Emma is a community manager.
  • Julia Petrosyan: Advisor. She has more than ten years of professional experience and is currently a Managing Partner at Parallel Ledger LLC.
  • Mohammed Almarini: Advisor. He has over 15 years of professional experience and is currently a partner at Baker McKenzie.
  • Tineke Zwart: Advisor. She is a driven entrepreneur with a growth mindset and a solid track record in online marketing, event management, and general management.
  • Mike Powell: Advisor. He is a senior leader and driver of business growth and transformation with extensive international experience in the field of FinTech and data. Mike has an excellent track record in business growth and innovation as well as a diverse background across multiple operational roles, ranging from leading sales, marketing and service teams to change management, organization design, business/commercial strategy and global P&L ownership.
  • Bartt Charles Kellermann: Advisor. Bartt is the founder and host of Battle of the CRYPTOS and Battle of the Quants. As an industry leader in Quantitative Finance, he founded Global Capital Acquisitions (GCA) in 2002, a hedge fund consulting firm focused on bringing clients smart, innovative investment strategies in the alternative investment space.
Rating: 7/10

About the ICO

Name: CCIntelligence

Token Symbol: CCINT

White Paper link:

Token Supply: 100,000,000 CCINT
Initial Offering Price: 1 CCINT = 0.0004 ETH
Currencies Accepted: ETH

Hard cap: TBD
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Token Type: ERC20

CCINT enables traders to automatically capture the impact of news on crypto coin portfolios and ICO initiatives. The data feeds will be invaluable input signals for any active cryptocurrency trading strategy. To ensure feed exclusivity and maintain the buyer’s competitive edge, the feeds will periodically be sold at auction in exchange for CCINT tokens. The ranking of the bids determines the latency of the feed. In addition, the most valuable lowest latency feed will also be available for a fixed price of 100,000 CCINT per month. A delayed feed will be publicly available for free.


CCIntelligence’s product is a platform which acts as a source of cryptocurrency media intelligence. By using CCINT utility tokens, you can gain access to a wide array of data feeds which have the lowest possible latency. These data feeds contain the current media sentiment of virtually all tradable cryptocurrencies.

All the transactions made on the platform run on the Stellar decentralized blockchain network. This helps in ensuring safety, minimal transaction fees, and a higher speed of execution. With the help of their product, traders can make better decisions as to what investments they should make.

Rating: 9/10

Potential for Idea

There is a lot of potential for their idea. We can be certain about the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The statistics pretty much say it all. The market of cryptocurrencies is growing as well. And with so many cryptocurrencies in the market, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on your favorite cryptos.

Moreover, the market is highly volatile and every uninformed decision can lead to a lot of losses. Also, the media affects how the people view the market and which cryptos they go for.

Keeping this in mind, their product actually gives the customers the advantage of getting to know things quicker than the others. Moreover, the knowledge they are exposed to is all that they need to make the right decisions while investing in that cryptocurrency.

Rating: 9/10


Since CCIntelligence is just starting out (their whitepaper is still a draft), there isn’t much marketing being done by the team. However, in the future, you can expect them to create a name for themselves by marketing themselves well.

The rating we’re giving here is just the current rating based on their situation right now.

Rating: 6/10

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits of going for CCIntelligence include:

  • They are a reliable source of information
  • The latency is pretty low
  • Buyers get a competitive edge
  • It uses advanced AI and NLP

The disadvantage of going for CCIntelligence is that there isn’t much to see in their whitepaper as for now so you can’t know for sure if they would be a good fit for your investment portfolio.

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CCIntelligence Rating

*This is only a review and not financial gospel. Please invest at your own discretion*

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