Catalonian Government to Integrate Blockchain Technology

Catalonian Government to Integrate Blockchain Technology

The Catalonian Government is working towards integrating Blockchain technology in its operations. Known for being brave and innovative, this new move by the local government shows that they are at the forefront for trying out new technology and investing in it.

In the recent press release, the  Generalitat de Catalunya (government of Catalonia) revealed its plans for blockchain technology integration. The press release said that the region aims to promote blockchain

with the aim of improving digital services to the public and promoting the potential of this technology between the Administration, companies and the citizen[s].

Catalonia is always taking steps to show its independence from Spain. The Department of Digital Policies is now working with independent groups that have knowledge about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency sphere. The department is gathering knowledge, skills, and talent in the field of blockchain so that the local Catalans can benefit from it.

With new EU regulations regarding cryptocurrency developing every day, the Government of Catalonia is doing its duty by understanding the need to develop a plan to integrate these technologies in their economy so as to prevent problems.

While Catalonia is fairly independent, Spain has also made quite some progress in embracing cryptocurrency and the technology underlying it. Santander, the Spanish bank became the first global company to integrate blockchain in its operations.

While Catalonia is outspokenly a separate community from Spain, it will be long before its activities and policies, including those related to blockchain, will be separated from those of Spain. As time passes by, Catalonia is taking different measures to establish its independence from Spain. If it is successfully able to implement blockchain by itself, it can be something that both helps the community take advantage of the technology and establish their autonomy even further.

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