Cardano (ADA) Founder Talks About Ethereum Classic

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano and IOHK founder and Ethereum co-founder talked about his experience working with Ethereum Classic (ETC). Being so heavily involved in the crypto world, his views have an huge impact on how others view cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum.

He gave his views on ETC during an interview published on the YouTube channel Learn Crypto. Following his departure from the originally Ethereum team, that did not end amicably, Hoskinson joined the Ethereum Classic team in 2016 and helped ETC establish following its hard fork from ETH. The main difference between the two is that ETC promotes the idea of unrevisable and immutable blockchains. Hoskinson explained his support for Ethereum Classic in the interview. He said,

So…  I put my name brand and reputation on Ethereum and you know I went my own way but I still believed in this whole philosophy of the system.

He expanded on his support for Ethereum Classic. He justified it by saying,

I felt that you can’t go raise 18 million dollars and market something one way, and then when it’s inconvenient to you, you go change the terms of sale without the consent of the customer, and not a lot of customers participated. I think the vote was less than 10% participation and there wasn’t lot of time and it was just a knee-jerk decision.

He talked more about the conception of ETC and also talked about how his experience with both ETH and ETC led to the development of IOHK and the Cardano currency. He talked about Cardano’s focus on scalability, growing the user base and a higher TPS. He said,

Cardano’s trying to cover all three areas. So we started 2015 it was basically just a collection of concepts. We get about three years of research and development and now we’re in a position where we think we have a pretty good shot at being able to pull it off.

Earlier in may, Hoskinson had made some comments calling into question the big market cap ascribed to Bitcoin and Ethereum. While he didn’t completely call the currencies faulty and worthless like others, he did question them certainly.

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