Bullish Week for Authorship: Rises 315.11% in 7 Days

Bullish Week for Authorship: Rises 315.11% in 7 Days

It has been a green week in the crypto market and there are many currencies which have gained significantly over the week. With some cryptocurrencies gaining much more than the others, here are the details for the top gainer of this week.

Authorship (ATS) soared high on January 07 at 0.0549 USD. So far it hasn’t been able to reach that level again but remains steady in the range of 0.005 USD to 0.036 USD without much trouble.

A review of ATS over the week shows  ATS at 0.006 USD on May 27 after which it goes upwards and is at present, standing at 0.027 USD. Although Authorship (ATS) has increased by 0.021 USD over the week it is still unsure whether ATS will rise or fall over the next few days. Over the week, Authorship has gained 315.11 percent.

There has been an increase of 9.45% in the last 24 hours and ATS faces resistance at the 0.027 USD mark. As of now, it stands on the 729th rank with a market cap of 2.8 million USD.

What is Authorship?

Authorship aims to encourage readers, writers, translators and publishers to engage in profitable relationships. They seek to help readers find the joy of reading books of large numbers of writers from different parts of the world, aid authors to take charge of their work and present their work to diverse sets of audiences in their own languages, encourage publishers to come up with fair policies and translators and language experts to make use of their skills to earn money.

With the aim of resolving the problems of conventional book publishing industry, the platform allows all people involved in the literary cycle and the publishing industry to enjoy doing what they do, in the best way possible.

Authorship Token. The ATS, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum technology, is a unit of exchange on a new Blockchain based book publishing system. Authors, publishers and translators are rewarded with ATS tokens in exchange to book sales, while readers are able to spend ATS tokens in order to purchase books.

Authorship is going to be developed using the Ethereum platform; one of the most fascinating and exciting experiments of the internet that is to fulfil the wide held dream of decentralizing the internet.
Reasons for the Rise:

One of the reasons for the rise of this cryptocurrency could be that as of June 1, 2018, the Authorship platform is now officially launched. June 1st is the first day when authors can begin to register their books through their platform and receive 90% royalties for their ebook sales.

Other Gainers

The top ten cryptocurrencies that have gained considerably in the crypto market in the last 7 days apart from ATS are:

WhaleCoin (WHL) has gained 235.99 percent, and Nexty (NTY) has gained 230.93 percent.

ZetaMicron (ZMC) has gained 216.04 percent, and  Callisto Network (CLO) has gained 175.52 percent.

Silent Notary (SNTR) has gained 167.32 percent, while Bitair (BTCA) has gained 133.75 percent

IoTeX (IOTX) has gained 103.11 percent, and Storiqa (STQ) has gained 93.01 percent.

Primalbase Token (PBT) has gained 84.30 percent and the last cryptocurrency which made its way into the list of top ten gainers is APIS (APIS) with 81.15 percent.

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