Sergey Brin Says Google Missed Out Early Adoption of Blockchain

Sergey Brin Says Google Missed Out Early Adoption of Blockchain

At a Blockchain conference in Morocco, Sergey Brin, the founder of Google and President of Alphabet admitted that Google missed out its opportunity to be a front-runner in blockchain technology.

Brin said,

We probably already failed to be on the bleeding edge [of blockchain], I’ll be honest.

This conference hosted by Sir Richard Branson has led to a lot of revelations from Sergey Brin about his views on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. While he revealed that he himself participates in Ethereum mining with his son, he expressed disappointment at Google’s lack of initiative in achieving leadership in the Blockchain industry.

Earlier this year, Google banned the advertisement of cryptocurrency, which is almost always associated with the term blockchain. This anti crypto measure definitely hurts people’s perception of Google’s views towards blockchain as well.

While Google may have lost the chance to be the pioneer, Brin mentioned that blockchain technology may be undertaken by X, the division of Alphabet that focuses on innovation and developing new technologies.

Sergey Brin also revealed that he personally doesn’t know a lot about cryptocurrency, but mining of digital coins with his son got him interested in both cryptocurrency and blockchain. He said,

A year or two ago my son insisted that we needed to get a gaming PC.I told him If we get a gaming PC we have to mine cryptocurrency. So we got an ethereum miner on there and we’ve been making a few pennies and dollars since.

He said that this incident got him interested and he started studying the technology behind it all because he found it fascinating.

Despite Google’s ban on crypto advertising and Brin’s statements, Google has made some developments in the blockchain industry recently. For instance, Google is working on a blockchain based integrity tracking solution for its cloud system.

This was the fourth blockchain summit held by Branson. Apart from Brin, it also attracted Neha Narula, the director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab, the former US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) member Annette Nazareth, a previous chairs of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Jim Newsome and Matt Sorum, the former Guns n Roses drummer.

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