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Brickspool ICO Review


Brickspool has a big 20-membered team with an impressive amount of experience in the real estate industry. However, when it comes to their experience in the blockchain industry, they don’t have a lot to offer. Their advisors, too, have a considerable amount of experience in the real estate industry but don’t have much to offer in the blockchain industry. Here are a few members of the team:

  • Alberto Azpurua Lara: Alberto has worked in the financial and real estate industry since 1991, being a part of multiple transactions on debt, capital, and quasi-capital. He was the CEO of Cactus Verde, which specialized in commercial real estate and was the distributor of Argus Software in Mexico. At the same time, he had been an instructor of real estate financial analysis and asset management in different companies of private capital and an independent analyst in multiple businesses with companies in Mexico and the United States.
  • Diego Gonzalez Romano: Diego has been working professionally in the 7 Urbana Group since 1997, where he has been in different positions. Currently, he is the General Director, developing multiple real estate projects in the residential sector, all with an impeccable commercial and financial execution, creating the concept of Bricks in 2013 and executing it as a spin-off of the company in 2015.
  • Marco Adamo: Advisor. Marco has a long career as a scientific researcher, technologist, inventor, entrepreneur, and investor, is an electronic engineer with studies PhD level in design and miniaturization electronics, systems-micro-electromechanical mems, sequential programmatic machines, design of micro and nano-cellular networks UWB-SS, development of software in several formal languages such as C ++, assembler, Forth machines with microcode, automata and persistent objects on networks Peer to Peer (P2P) as is the Block Chain (or Blockchain), has intelligence knowledge artificial and multilayer neural network design.
  • Baloys Tiburcio: Advisor. Baloys is currently working as Senior Managing Director at the Monterrey range Investment market intelligence unit. Previously he was the Commercial Director at TINSA LATAM, pan-regional market intelligence firm.
  • Rodrigo Cruz Bustillo: Advisor. Rodrigo has worked in some of the most important Real Estate Asset Management companies as Paladin Partners, Vesta Industrial Real Estate, Abilia and One Development Group. He always has been involved in the origin and analysis process of first-class real estate projects.
  • Mauricio Zapiain: Advisor. Mauricio is an architect with more than 15 years of experience planning, designing, detailing, and coordinating along with a multidisciplinary team the execution of very important projects. Currently, he is the Director of MAZ Arquitectos, founded in 2000, being part of the Architectonic design, interiors, and furniture as well.
  • Adolfo Zavala: Advisor. Adolfo is a highly motivated executive with experience in negotiations, asset management, strategic planning, and business development. He is an Analytic Manager focused in results with proved experience in achieving specific goals inside the organization objectives. Adolfo is currently a partner at Expansive Capital, Real Estate crowdfunding.
Rating: 7/10

About the ICO

Name: Brickspool

Token Symbol: BRICK

White Paper link:

Token Supply: 50,000,000 BRICK
Initial Offering Price: 1 ETH = 1000 BRICK
Currencies Accepted: ETH

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Token Type: ERC20

Brickspool is a token emitted through the Etherum platform, which allows investing in commercial real estate in Florida in a safe and trustworthy way since it is backed up by a secure emitted in the Vienna Market.


Brickspool’s product is the Brickspool ecosystem which allows you to invest in commercial real estate in Florida.

With BRICK tokens, you can acquire leased property, the cost of which gets paid with the property income flux. Since it is less volatile and has a performance similar to a variable rent strategy, it keeps your investments safe.

They give opportunities to the investors by providing them with commercial real estate. Having a diversified portfolio in Florida, they provide a lot of interesting investment opportunities to the investors. They carry out physical verifications of the properties and help in maintaining an optimal relationship with the tenants by providing additional services (insurance, property taxes, and maintenance).

Another great benefit of dealing with them is that they have excellent relations with banks and life insurance firms, so they are able to provide investors with long-term loans of 65% ratio of loan to value.

Rating: 8/10

Potential for Idea

They have quite a few competitors. However, the competitors have a stronghold in the industry which puts them in a dicey situation. I feel that if they work hard enough on their idea, they can easily outperform their competitors and stand out as the leaders.

Rating: 9/10


The Brickspool team has been pretty relaxed when it comes to marketing. They haven’t been regular in interacting with the people on their social media channels and hence have a low number of followers on almost every social media channel they are present on. The numbers are low, but they would increase eventually as their ICO comes around.

Rating: 6/10

Pros & Cons

Some of the benefits of going for Brickspool include:

  • The Brickspool tokens backed by commercial properties that generate revenue.
  • 90% of the money raised would be invested in real estate.
  • It provides long-term financing on the property which improves the investment.

The disadvantage of going for Brickspool is that given the success of the existing solutions in the market, the team would face a lot of challenges in the market.

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Brickspool Rating

*This is only a review and not financial gospel. Please invest at your own discretion*

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