Blockchain Creating More Job Opportunities In the Banking Sector

Blockchain Creating More Job Opportunities In the Banking Sector

The threat of not having a job because of adoption of blockchain and rapid digitalization was dismissed by the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) besides they actually stated that the technology would actually create more job opportunities.

The adoption of blockchain technology and the rapid digitalization by some of these financial situations will give several new opportunities as the industry continues hiring people.

The Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) assures that more than 12,000 bank officers across the country and continue to provide jobs for the applicants with entry level.

BAP managing director Benjamin Castillo said

“Banking employees are vital in providing quality service. With the effort of banks in financial inclusivity, we can expect more bank branches opening and job hiring to cope with the increasing demand of banking and financial services across the country” 

UnionBank of the Philippines President Edwin Bautista, in their previous interview, said that the bank would hire nearly 20,000 programmers over the next one or two years to fill openings.

UnionBank of the Philippines President Edwin Bautista said

“Contrary to what is expected, the banking industry will not lay off workers just because we have entered the digital age. Banks need to cater to the different demands, we are diversifying,” 

He acknowledged that emerging technologies are crucial for the banking sector to maintain providing efficient financial services to its clients.

Castillo also said

“We need graduates who are willing to take up the challenge in moving the sector forward in the age of the digital revolution. As the banking industry moves forward, it is crucial to have capable individuals who are willing to work for the benefit of our country”

Bautista said he expects cryptocurrencies and blockchain to play an important role in the financial market space describing them as the future

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