BitTorrent and uTorrent a part of TRON family
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BitTorrent and uTorrent a part of TRON family

Tron acquiring BitTorrent has been one of the most awaited news in the crypto world but nothing was official as of now. Justin Sun has finally made the acquisition official. BitTorrent and uTorrent are now a part of TRON family.

TRON has officially closed its acquisition of BitTorrent. BitTorrent has more than 100 million active users worldwide. It has one of the top-rated apps on Google Play and other products which includes BitTorrent Play (iOS), uTorrent Web, and desktop clients for Mac and PC.

BitTorrent will be operating from new San Francisco location of TRON. The location is now the center of operations for the global market expansion of the company which will also provide robust support for global business development and partnerships of TRON. It will also pursue its vision for the largest decentralized ecosystem of the world.

The benefit of this acquisition is that BitTorrent will continue to provide high-quality services for over 100M users around the world. Being a part of the TRON network will further enhance BitTorrent. It will also accelerate the mission of Tron of creating an Internet of options, not rules.

So it’s official that BitTorrent is now a part of TRON and TRON Foundation posted on its Twitter page.

TRON Foundation announced via Twitter page:

BitTorrent is termed as the pioneer in distributed computing and is a file-sharing platform. It uses the technique of increasing the download speed by sharing files in chunks. A peer to peer network allows to simultaneously access these chunks of files. Even if a computer from the peer to peer network is offline, others in the network can make the content available even if a computer from the peer to peer network is offline. This ensures that the security of the system is intact as the information is distributed across various entities of the network and cannot be tackled by one person alone.

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